Why am I having a hard time losing weight?

Why am I having a hard time losing weight?

You try to lose weight, but it isn’t going as fast as you want or you’re just not seeing the results? Your diet is on point. You are exercising enough, but still you ask yourself the question: why am I having a hard time losing weight? Learn why and what you can do about it! 

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Your diet doesn’t lead to weight loss

Eating too much, not eating the right things for your body or eating too less when your body is in deprivation. When we eat less than what our body needs, then we go into starvation mode. This means that our metabolism will slow down because it wants to savour the energy. Your body is afraid that you will eat less and less and so it wants to keep the fat on your body. The balance is to find the right diet and amount of calories for your body to still have a fast metabolism and have fat loss. Do that and you will have found your answer to why am I having a hard time losing weight? Read here more on why you aren’t losing weight.

Physiological reasons

When your body is in starvation mode, it will put more stress into your body and therefore it is more likely to experience weight gain. Besides the metabolic side of things, your hormones could also be a reason. Cortisol, insuline, testosterone and thyroid hormones are all interlinked to each other and can make it a tough time to lose weight. With that, usually diseases like diabetes, PCOS, Hashimotos or mental health issues will make it harder to lose weight.

The reason why you want to lose weight

How is the reason why you want to lose weight related to the actual result? I just wanted to lose weight and as quickly as possible. And when I didn’t see results quick enough, I would sabotage myself and just throw the towel in the ring and give up. This doesn’t work because I would end up eating everything and because I just did it purely to be skinny. Because I thought by being skinny, I would be love, accepted, successful, happy. Everything would be better then and that is why I wanted to diet as a maniac.

The best way to lose weight

The right way is when I found that dieting and overexercising only didn’t work. It was doing it out a place of wanting to be healthy and out of love. The change is that when I would screw up one time, I would give up completely. Or when I didn’t see results quick enough, I would give up.

Instead, I trusted this was the right approach and I stayed consistent. Every day I did my best because I knew how I would feel a year from now if I was devoted to this every single day. That got would get me motivated and passionate. Because I am worthy of being the best version of me. If you want to get into this place as well, know that that is completely possible. If it has been working for me and my clients, it also works for you. Learn here how my program will work for you too.

How much are you really eating?

Different studies (which I elaborate on in the podcast) have shown that we are subconsciously influenced by our surroundings on how much we eat. This concludes that we are not only heavily influenced externally, but also that we aren’t connected with our body’s enough. On top of that we don’t eat mindfully, leaving us often to eat more than we need and what we actually think we eat.

Why am I having a hard time losing weight?

The 100 calories difference approach

Let’s say you need 2000 calories a day to live and thrive with your current lifestyle. If you suddenly eat a 1000, you know you need to eat more because you feel tired, cranky and hangry. If you suddenly eat 3000 calories, you feel heavy, slow and sluggish and you know you should have eaten less. But if you just eat 1900 or 2100 calories, you can’t really tell the difference. But a year from know you do. You either have lost weight or you can’t fit into your jeans anymore.

Tips on why am I having a hard time losing weight?

  • Knowing how much you really, really eat (and no lying!!). To then understand where you could make adjustments
  • Practice mindful eating and eating slower without any distractions
  • Change your mindset to be more at peace and relaxed
  • Focus on the 80/20 approach in eating healthy for your body and eating yummy things for your mind
  • Eat 20% more fruit and veg
  • Eat 20% less on what you think you need or grab a smaller plate so that subsconciously it seems that you have more food.

The secret to losing weight without a diet?

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