What food to eat to lower your testosterone?

Acne and excess hair growth? Big chance your testosterone is too high. So how can you lower testosterone with certain foods?

What is testosterone?

Testosterone is hormone that we usually relate with men. The funniest things is that our ovaries are also producing bits of testosterone as well and it is completely normal to have testosterone in your body. But sometimes you have too much testosterone than is good for you. This is often common with PCOS, otherwise known as Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome.

One of the things to check if you have PCOS is testing your blood for testosterone. Some symptoms that could point towards high testosterone and androgen levels are:

  • Acne
  • Hair loss
  • Excess hair growth (hirsutism)
  • Irregular menstrual cycle
  • Insuline triggers like blood sugar spikes

How to lower your testosterone?

Okay, so you’ve got these symptoms and you’ve got your blood test. You’re testosterone is too high. Of course there is medication that you can take to help with this. I personally take Metformin to help with my symptoms and insuline. It is originally a med for diabetes patients and it helped me quite a bit with my symptomes, especially with my cycle. My skin also looks a bit better, though after 3 months I haven’t seen much improvement (yet) for my hirsutism and insuline triggers. Besides this, you can also use food as a medicine so help improve your testosterone levels.


This superfood is really one that is so good to have included in your diet. I love to put flaxseeds into my oats mostly. Flaxseeds are high in Omega 3, they have manganese in them and also vitamin B1. From a study it showed that when you eat 30gr of flaxseeds a day (which is quite a lot) for 4 months, there is a decrease of 70 to 80% of testosterone and also there was a improvement in hirsutism.

Omega 3

It is well known that fats will help balance your hormones, because they need the fats to work properly. One of the best ways to consume fats are Omega 3 fats. You can take Omega 3 supplements, which I take as well. Food that are high in Omega 3 are fish, especially fatty fish like mackarel and salmon.


Soy is a tricky one as a lot of women tend to be sensitive to the effect that soy has on them. For starters, it could interrupt with your thyroid in such a way that it could interfere with the absorption of your thyroid medication. On the other hand is there some research that indicates that eating soy like tofu and drinking soy milk can decrease your testosterone. However, research is not inclusive.

Spearmint tea

If you are looking for a new drink to drink that is something different than your average water, then spearmint tea is a good option. When drinking 2 cups of spearmint tea a day for a month can lead to lower your androgen levels and improving your hirsutism. So if you like a minty tea, definitely have it, as it is also good for your digestion and not overeating or feeling bloated. The effects of this can take 6 to 12 months.

Whole foods with Low Glycemic Loads

Trying to eat non sugary products that are whole foods is going to be your best bet on lowering your testosterone and improving your overall health. Processed foods are not really recognized by your body and often contain a lot of sugar which spikes your blood sugar. When this is high, your insulin will rise and because testosterone works together with insulin, this will rise as well. So when you eat whole foods, you are giving your body the vitamins and minerals it will need. When you on top of that take care of eating foods that have a low Glycemic Index, you will make sure your blood sugar levels are maintained, causing them not to spike and making extra insulin.


Not only foods, supplements can also help you out in managing your testosterone levels and help with PCOS. The supplements I recommend:
– Inositol
– Omega 3
– Vitamin D


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