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How to eat intuitively for a healthy body

You struggle with finding the right things to eat for your body. What should you eat, when and how much? How can you take the best care of your body whilst living and enjoying your life? 

In this free training you will learn how to eat intuitively for a healthy body so that you feel good, happy, healthy & confident.

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Join me on this webinar to learn: 

  • How to live your life to enjoyce full of confidence and energy without having to follow a diet to fit in the weight stigma stamp.
  • What to do instead of trying diet after diet and getting out of that funk of not achieving your goals.
  • Where your cravings are coming from, how this keeps happening and how you can finally make it stop.
  • What to do to get more balance into eating healthy and eating the things that you love.
  • What the most important strategy is to change your life for good, beat emotional overeating and feel good and confident about yourself.
  • What you can do to feel at peace and free with food so you can have more fun in life and with others
  • Getting a new perspective of dieting and what happens with your body and brain when you diet and how that keeps you from losing the weight.
  • The MAIN reason why eating less calories than you burn doesn’t equal weight loss and what to do instead.
  • Easy and fun steps that you can take today to become more blissful and balanced.
  • Top tips to be more energetic and have a more positive body image

Overcome Cravings.
For forever. Right now.

This is what women who worked with me are saying:

“I used to overeat on cashews every single day. Back in the day I ate them because they were helping me with my health issues. That turned into, it is okay to eat them because they are healthy. And that turned into: I can eat as much as I like. I always ate cashews on stressful days and I couldn’t stop eating them, even though I knew it wasn’t helping me. I learned that these thoughts weren’t serving me anymore and by changing my mindset and building better habits with Joyce, I have stopped overeating on cashews.”
– Henriette (55)

“Joyce was a wonderful coach. She made me feel supported, cared for and seen. Joyce allowed me the freedom to express my thoughts, she helped me work on my self belief and self confidence, shedding past fears and self doubt. Thank you for challenging me and allowing to see what I am truly capable of.”
– Ellen (33)

dieting and lose weight

Are you ready to always make the best choice for you and your body?

Life is to short to do and have something that doesn’t spark joy. You and you body deserve to feel good and eat the right foods. You are more worth than that. .

Hi, I am Joyce! Food craver turned certified coach. And who craves more in life than just food. Like helping you :).

I was emotionally eating every since I was 4. Gaining back weight when I lost it through multiple diets whilst managing my hypothyroidism and PCOS. 

I’ve had quite the journey. Trying to say goodbye to sugar and guilty pleasure when I was crying on the floor because I couldn’t fit into my jeans anymore. I did everything right and yet I still didn’t lose the weight. 

So why even bother? And I ended up stuffing myself with everything that I could find, only to end in the same cycle again and again. 

I was so frustrated, overwhelmed after restricting myself for so long. I knew it had to change. For real this time. For my own sake. For my own health and happiness.

Luckily, I didn’t give up and I figured out my own way to say: “okay bye, the cravings don’t bother me anyway”.

Since then I have found my own method to have real joy and a great philosophy around food. I don’t binge or emotionally eat and I feel more confident than ever.

And I now help women all over the world to achieve the exact same result, and way quicker! And if you are reading this, know that this could be you too, you only have to say yes to yourself and take that tiny first step.

Donut worry, be happy!

Follow this easy method so you can have your happy life too 
by creating the mindset to love and accept your body, mind and spirit