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The best practice for more self care

Are you taking good care of yourself? Like really? Or do you hustle and bustle through life and almost neglect the most important person in your life, you? This is the best practice for more self care.

I believe that self care is underrated and luckily it is becoming a more popular topic to talk about these days in a life where people always seem to be on the go, always busy and never really have time for themselves.

Self care underrated?

From my experience, people start to really take care of themselves when it is almost too late. They get backpain, they are over exhausted or are experiencing other psysical problems which shows that your body is telling you that you need to slow down and that there is something going on with you. People are usually dealing with this by eating healthy whole foods, going to the gym on a regular basis and practicing meditation and yoga. All of these are really great things!

Self care: a piece of cake

A friend of mine said to look at this from a pie view (yum!). A pie is split up in different pieces and in order to fix something (which is a healthy, thriving, energic, happy you), you need to work on all the pieces of the pie. When you are going to a fysio to work on your neck and shoulder problems, but neglect the fact that you hardly work out, eating a lot of junk food and don’t really have a positive mindset, your neck and shoulder problems will probably stay. You probably get the point: balance is key and working on all these pieces of cake is your best way to move forward. That and probably making this healthy version of apple pie.

How deeply do you love yourself?

And if you are working on all of these pieces of pie the best you can: good on you!! I am proud of you! Sometimes this doesn’t seem to be enough for the self care pie. In fact, there might be a piece of the pie missing. And this part is loving yourself. Are you really, truly, actually loving yourself deeply? And is this something you do on a regular basis or is this something you do continously throughout your life? Does it come naturally to you as if you are brushing your teeth every day (I assume you do this, otherwise implement that too, I can smell your breath from here ;)).

Stop being so hard on yourself

I think most of the people I know are very hard on themselves. We beat ourselves up, paired with a lot of stress we carry on day in day out. Some people even get sick because of the stress load. Or we act like an ostrich by not facing these problems. By playing games, drinking alcohol or overeating. First thing I wanna say to you: why are you being to hard on yourself? Would you say the same things to your best friend when she is dealing with the same problems? Of course not! So why aren’t you treating yourself as your best friend, like you should?!

Best practice for self care: love yourself

Loving yourself should feel like you are expressing your love to someone you love deeply and the feeling you get when you do that. Now do the same thing but to yourself and let your heart lit up with warmth. Because this might be something new, it might be a little bit scary. To really open yourself up for truly loving yourself and expressing this self love.

How to love yourself

You can start by setting a reminder with just two words: “Love yourself”. Start with once a day, or maybe you like to take the leap and start with 10 times a day. Set this reminder and read the words love yourself. And let yourself actually feel it. In your body for a few moments and feel okay about feeling those feelings. Or write it on a note and carry it with you. Say it in the mirror when you look in one. As long as you feel it in your heart when you say it. As long as you find that lovey dovey sweet feeling that you also feel when your in love or when you love a family member or friend deeply. That is how you should feel about yourself!

Take care.

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