Supplements for PCOS & Acne that I swallow

PCOS is a syndrome that is not so easy to remedy. However, having a good diet and the right supplements for PCOS can significantly reduce your symptoms.

My PCOS complaints

Because everyone experiences other complaints, I think it is advisable to list what I am suffering from, because my supplements connect to them. My complaints started with acne for at least 12 years that did not proceed. When I stopped taking the pill, it turned out that my body itself was unable to menstruate and I have lost my menstrual period for 1 year and 2 months. In addition, my testosterone levels are too high, I suffer from hair overgrowth and I have many bowel complaints. The fact that I'm not menstrueerde and I just kept bothering my acne, are for me the biggest problems. For more info on PCOS Read this article and also these articles if you want to know more about my personal story and how to cure PCOS naturally.

What supplements for PCOS can you use?

Because I have not had such fine experiences with doctors when it comes to observing PCOS and I have heard good stories about women with PCOS who have been treated in a naturopath, I have chosen to also visit a naturopath. Naturopathie is an alternative medicine that looks at you as a whole person through a holistic approach by balancing body, mind, emotions and spiritually. What I particularly like is that it not only looks at the complaints, but that the cause is removed and worked on it naturally by means of supplements and acupuncture. Although it is an alternative medicine, it is scientifically substantiated by the fact that you also have to prick blood and undergo an ultrasound to be able to make a good diagnosis. These are the supplements for PCOS that I use or have used now.

MG Pare
xVoor My bowel problems have been chosen to cleanse the intestines first and to detox through a meal plan and with these Parex tablets. These tablets help to get rid of any parasites and to bring your gut back into balance. The tablets have an antimicrobial, anti-parasitic and anthelmintische effect.

MG Glutagenic
sDit Powder also has a good functioning on your metabolism, immune system and overall health. This is because of the active ingredients glutamine, aloe vera gel and Gedeglycyrrizeerde drop (DGL) that bring your gut into balance. What this powder actually does is ensure that the intestinal wall is restored so that the good bacteria are better absorbed into the bloodstream and the bad bacteria is drai

ned. MG Lym
phatoxDeze supplements help give your lymph nodes a boost. Your lymph nodes ensure that all substances that are not good for your body are drained. This can go to the bad bacteria in your gut, but actually it involves all the toxic substances. Acne occurs because there are bacteria in your body that are not properly drained and then come out of the skin. This supplement has as active ingredients sticky herb, burdock and stinging nettle that purifies your blood and promises a radia

nt skin. MG
Phyto ProDit Supplement gives your liver a good cleaning. If you have had bowel problems, the liver is working very hard to get the bad bacteria out of your body. Because of this, he cannot focus on keeping your hormones balanced, which often results in a balance and you can get a syndrome like PCOS. In This mix are herbs like milk thistle and turmeric. These help not only give your liver a detox, but also bring your hormones into balance.

MG T-Clea
rDit is my most important supplement that brings the testosterone values down, reducing your acne and haarovergroei and stimulating menstruation. The liquorice and the white peony ensure the conversion of testosterone to estrogen by stopping the production of androgenic. A widely used supplement for PCOS is inositol which is also present in it and together with chromium for a stable blood sugar level also ensures that your acne and Haarovergroei becomes less.

Inner Health Plus Dairy Free ProbioticD
it is your well-known probiotics. I advise everyone to swallow a probiotic for good bowels, healthy bowels and less to no bloating and gasification. In addition, it also stimulates your immune system. These capsules contain 12.5 trillion Lactobacillus Acidophilus bacteria and 12.5 trillion Bifidobacterium Lactis bacteria.  

Omega 3 fish O
il fish oil is good for PCOS because it helps in a decrease of too high insulin and to keep the blood glucose levels stable again. It also helps against fatty liver and Omega 3 is important for the production of prostaglandins that are necessary to produce hormones. With a syndrome such as PCOS in which the hormone is unstable, fish oil can help to better balance the hormones and lower testosterone. Chr

ewel there is chromium in my T-Clear supplements, I still swallow extra chromium. This is because my PCOS has very real sugar cravings and this supplement can reduce these cravings. You need less sugary food and fast carbohydrates. This allows me to eat a healthier and more balanced diet. Because many women with PCOS have inconsistent insulin values and can even develop diabetes this is a very good option.

nc zinc is a fantastic mineral for women with PCOS. I now swallow about 500mg a day and this will make my blood sugar levels more stable. In addition, it helps in the development of follicles which helps to regulate your cycle more and can catch your menstrual period. Zinc is an anti-androgen which helps lowering your testosterone and it reduces symptoms like haarovergroei, inflammation and acne. It also helps with hair loss and gives your thyroid a boost.


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