project comeback

Starting Project Comeback

Whether you indulged on foods a lot over the summer, you have a great goal that requires you to feel and be fit and healthy or you just want to lose a few kilo’s. Or you’re like me and dealing with a chronic disease, trying to live a life to enjoyce again. Are you starting your project comeback with me?

Project Comeback

The main reason why I am starting my project comeback is to get and feel healthy again. As you might know, I am dealing with PCOS and my symptoms haven’t been great. My whole body and hormones are out of wack and honestly I haven’t been feeling great and I seem to gain weight by the minute. This makes me feel miserable and I turn to food. I tried to be hard on myself and I tried to be compassionate with myself, both not really working. I feel like PCOS is leading my life and is creating unhealthy mindsets and body issues.

My goals

What do I want to achieve with project comeback? I want to live in a healthy way where I manage my PCOS symptoms and they don’t interfere with my life and all the things I would like to do. I would love to lose the weight I have gained and ideally go back how I was and felt last year. And I want to eat intuitively and not worrying about how food might affect my body and not let food be my main worry of the day.

How I am going to do this

Obviously eating healthy and exercising are a big step for this. Then there is also the stress factor and planning in some more relaxation. I am treating this project comeback as something totally new and trying out new things for me to create a routine and habits that will work longterm for me. I will post updates on my blog and Instagram as I go, but I will share more detailed update in my newletter. If you want to join and gain some inspiration, you can join my newsletter for free here. I hope I can motivate you with my journey as well as you can motivate me with your stories and accomplishments. And probably to hold me accountable as well haha. I cannot fail now, can I whilst I am sharing all of this?!

Whereever you are in your journey, know that you’re not alone. We all have our own story, gains and losses and it is very difficult to change. It is not like you have to decide whether you are going to wear a necklace today or not. Food and creating a new lifestyle is bigger than that and there is a lot of external pressure as well. Supermarkets and what foods they offer, going out for dinner, what friends and family say and do. These all can stress you out, making the process and progress harder than it should be. And you can still do it!

I hope to see you and you will enjoy my newsletters. Feel free to send me a message down below if you have any questions or want to share your story. You can also reach me through instagram or shoot me an email through

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