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Skincare for acne & PCOS

One of the many symptoms of PCOS is having acne. As a woman with severe acne, this is really something that is difficult to deal with. Having a good skincare routine can definitely help with that. This is what I currently use for my skincare for acne.

Products to reduce acne

All these products down below are helping me to reduce my acne as much as possible. These are not a magical solution as other things like balancing your hormones, lifestyle and food have a massive impact as well. Though I do believe that skincare for acne and taking good care of your skin is important as well. One of those things is having as many natural products as possible.

Natural skincare for acne

That is why I don’t use any of the regular make-up and skincare brands anymore. Toxins from those products as well as toxins in your food as the environment have an impact on your hormones and how they operate. Toxins for example can be a root cause for thyroid issues. As I have hypothyroidism myself, I’d like to do everything that I can do make sure my thyroid works as best as it can. Your thyroid hormones then have an impact on your insuline and cortisol, which are all possible root causes for PCOS.

Skincare for PCOS & Thyroid

That is the main reason why I use the products that I use. They are nice, not expensive, natural and I think they really work for me at the moment. In the last 3 months I have really seen a reduce in my acne, with obviously still a flare up during my period and when I eat a lot of sugar. By practicing my PCOS routine, I hope that eventually all my symptoms, as well as acne will disappear or manageable. We all know how bad severe acne is for our mental health and self-esteem and I get how you must be feeling. I have added the links for skincare for acne in Australia and the Netherlands, if you’re in a different country, hopefully Google can help you out <3. Hope this is helpful for you!

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Sukin Cleansing Micellar Water

I use micellar water for years to remove my make-up as well as a toner to really clean my face properly. The Suking Cleansing Micellar Water is based of Aloe Vera and Chamomile and removes make-up and build up dirt and is for all skin types. In the morning I wet a cotton pad with some water and then add some of the micellar water to clean and refresh my face after a night of sleep. In the evening I use it in the same way. Firstly to remove my make-up if I wear any. Then I cleanse my face and after cleansing I use it as a toner to really remove all the leftover dirt that is still on my face. Australia & Netherlands.

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Sukin Blemish Control Clearing Facial Wash

This facial wash is especially for an acne prone skin and blemishes and I love using this one. I use this one in the evenings after removing my make-up and to really wash my face with my hands and some lukewarm water. This cleanser has quince, willowherb and coconut in it to keep the skin hydrated and complexion clear. Australia.

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Sukin Signature Facial Moisturizer

At the moment I use this classic moisturizer, though I have also used the Sukin moisturizer in the blemish line. I love the blend of rosehip, avocado, sesame, jojoba oil, aloe vera and vitamin E which moistures the skin and improves and protects the skin texture. It really nurtures my skin and leaves it feeling soft after I apply it (don’t try to touch your face too much though!). I use the moisturizer twice a day after the micellar water ‘toner’. Australia & Netherlands

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The Ordinary Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1% Serum

This serum is incredible! This is one of my recent additions to my skincare routine as it was recommended to me to help with my PCOS acne. As you might know, zinc is a really helpful supplement to help reduce acne and normalize the testosterone in your body. It can’t hurt to use it externally as well to have strategy in place to tackle the acne from as many places as you can. Both zinc as niacinamide help to deal with blemish and reduce congestion. I currently apply it every night after the toner and before my moisturizer. Australia & Netherlands

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Sukin Oil Balacing Pore Refining Facial Scrub

I have stopped using a scrub for years because I was told that using a scrub actually opens up the pimples leading to more infections. Because we also are not meant to pop a pimple either, am I right?! Having acne is actually having an inflammation and thus an having an infection on your face and obviously I didn’t want to spread this. This scrub is actually really gentle and polishes the skin and keeps pores clear of impurities by using Jojoba beads. In this way you actually deeply clean your face and stimulate new skin production. I use this facial scrub about twice a week in the shower, usually instead of using the facial wash. Australia & Netherlands

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Sukin Anti-pollution Facial Masque

For extra girly time and to help aid my skin to improve and get rid of impurities and toxins, I love to use this mask. I use it once a week and leav it on for 15 minutes before it gets really dry and makes my face feeling tight. After I wash it of I have the best baby skin and I feel totally refreshed. I have a hydrated and balanced skin that feels really clean. Australia & Netherlands.

Sukin Spot Banishing Gel

This gel I have found really helpful to tackle the immediate pimples and acne spots on my skin. I always apply this in the evening after having gone through my skincare routine and apply it gently on the pimple with washed hands. You can also use a q-tip. It works in 30 minutes and I really feel like my pimples have reduced the next morning. You can also apply it in the moning as well. Australia

Clinique City Block Sheer SPF 25

I literally have been using this sun screen since 2014. A pretty long time. I love this one because it applies really nicely and it has a little bit of color in it, so that it seems like it is a BB cream. For me it protects my skin against the sun, but also primes my face for the make-up I am putting on. In Australia there is also a higher SPF that I currently use as well. Alternatively, if Clinique is too expensive for you, Sukin has a sunscreen line as well. I haven’t tested it personally, but I am sure it works well too. I apply suncreen in rain and sunshine to protect my skin as much as possible. Netherlands.

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