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Over the last couple of years I’ve gotten really into crystals and gemstones and what massive power they can have on your life. I have gained so much already from these beautiful stones and this is how they can help you to reach your highest potential.

My first experience with crystals

When I first heard a friend talking about gemstones I didn’t know what to expect. I would consider myself quite spiritual, but how could a stone help me feeling better and more balanced? But after hearing her stories, I got way more interested. I was already traveling for 3 weeks on the East Coast of Australia, when I landed in Byron Bay and walked into this really nice and cute hippie shop. My eye fell on a moonstone and something inside me told me to buy this one. And that’s the most powerful thing when it comes to crystals. You follow your intuition and the stone will chose you.

My stone, the moon stone

The moonstone is considered to be really valuable whilst traveling. It is a allround good luck stone and protects you whilst traveling and should also help you with your jetlag. Furthermore, this crystal helps you with balancing out your hormones, something that I really need, it increases your intuition, cleanses the mind from negative emotions that are holding you back. And do you deal with self doubt and fear? This is also the stone. When I read all of this, I immediately new this was the stone for me at that time. I needed safe traveling, my hormones to get back in balance and to grow more confident. And it is actually amazing how much my traveling has changed ever since I started traveling with the moonstone in my bag. I felt so good of myself and my body, I had no worries and I just felt amazing, healed almost.

Rock your Crystals

Now I have build up quite a collection of crystals and even though I now know what each crystal is for, I am no master in really meditating with them, or how I can use each stone optimally. That’s when I started reading ‘Rock your Crystals‘ by Hanneke Peeters and how you can practice selfcare with over 50 crystals. This book gives you great insights on how you can rock your life by using crystals. For example, you can improve your sleep, home atmosphere, you can increase your energy, brighten your mood and just change your mindset by using crystals. I went crazy almost in writing things down on how I can use my stones in a more efficient way.

My takeaways from this book

My takeaways were really the ones that I didn’t know yet. Like if you meditate, you can put the stone you wanna use in your left hand because this is your receiving hand. Or how you can make an elixer by putting a chrystal in the water that has healing properties. For example, you can put a amethist in a can of water when you are experiencing a headache. And new to me was also doing a chakra mediation with crystals. It is really interesting to read about how this works and which crystals help with what. I really want to dive in this new and wonderous world.

Are you also interested in learning about crystals and how they may influence your life in a better way? Have a look and read Rock your Crystals.

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