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Since a long time I have been struggelen with my health and I think it is time to outline a fair picture of what is going on with me, so that I can take you and help you.

Thyroid problems

If you don't know me yet, since I was 16 years old, I have been diagnosed for an underactive thyroid gland. After having adapted my medication for a long time, my thyroid gland seemed stable. Yet I experienced a lot of complaints and I was still very tired, I suffered from hair loss, dizzy spells, poor metabolism and very fast cold. Then I started eating much better and healthier and ate very clean, which made me feel much better and reduced my symptoms too. Diminished, but never completely gone.

My eating problems

I have never talked about this before in public, but because I know that many girls deal with this, I want to be honest and open. Because I kept having complaints with my thyroid gland and the doctor but kept saying that everything was OK, I started doing research myself. So I read that healthy eating helped a lot and that many patients had bathe in a Paleo diet without gluten, dairy and soy. Obviously I tried that and if you want to try it too, I made a meal plan for you. And it helped! I felt soooo good! In the end it was short lived, because I didn't manage to make it a lifestyle. And where I used to have problems with obesity and a bad lifestyle, came back again. Because I forbade myself things, I went to do what I could as one of the best: binge food. That went with ups and downs. Sometimes it didn't cost me any trouble, but as soon as I'm not in my skin, this urge comes back.

Vague abdominal complaints

In December 2017, after having just moved to Australia, I suddenly suffered from very awful abdominal complaints. Because I lived with the family, I ate what they ate, and that was different than I was used to. I went to the doctor, but again I got no conclusive. I was going to try but Lod Fodmap said that. An option, but difficult to do when you take into account other family members. The complaints did not go away, and I felt increasingly moedelozer. Once again I took matters into my own hands and after much research I decided to remove gluten, dairy and soy from my diet. I felt so much better! Later I tested and proved to be intolerant to lactose and different types of wheat, as well as sugar.

Acne & Hormonal problems

When I got my first menstrual period as a teenager, I immediately got a heavy acne as a present. Surprise! I got medication and went to the Diana pill and that was that. On a teen pimple after I often had good skin. Then I stepped over from pill and started the misery again. After having tried everything again in the field of food and cosmetics, I saw my hands in the hair. Eventually I got Roaccutane prescribed. Although I thought it was a panacea, my acne came back again after I stopped it. My cue that something really was not right. To further investigate that, I stopped in February 2018 with the pill to see what would happen. Not much good I can tell you! To date, I have had no menstrual periods, I still suffer from acne and I have also gotten a lot of hair growth in crazy places.

Dealing with my hormones

Besides that, of course, the thyroid gland is a hormone, I felt that something really wasn't sitting well with my hormones. My doctor in Australia did not take me very seriously and because I was going to travel almost and return to the Netherlands, I also didn't have the time to explore the deeper. Meanwhile I tried to heal myself by doing a lot of research and clean eating. During my research, many things emerged, including PCOS, leaky gut, Candida and IBS. I recognized myself very much, but struggle still very much.

Pending at the Naturopath

By now we are a year ahead and now that I am again settled in Australia, it is time to really do something about my health. Not to be uncoupled and have many hormonal and painful problems is not too best for your stress levels! Because I have heard many stories of girls with equal problems who have been to a naturopath and have been able to heal themselves, I thought that was interesting. A naturopath is a kind of doctor Who, using nutrition, supplements and for example acupuncture, can naturally address your symptoms. And perhaps more importantly: they look at the causes rather than take the symptoms away with medication.

Living with PCOS

By now I have done a lot of blood tests and I have found that I have PCOS. My testosterone values are very high and that explains the acne, hair growth and no menstruation. With the supplements and acupuncture we are now working to make sure that the menstruation is stirred up again.

This is my story in a kind of nutshell and if you can recognize yourself or you also suffer from hormonal problems, I would love to hear from you! And if you have any questions, you can always post a comment or send an email. I keep you informed of my healing process. Fingers crossed that it quickly goes better!


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