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PCOS update & how I manage my food cravings

As you might know I have PCOS. I have received a couple of emails of women also dealing with this and I would like to give you an update how I am dealing with my PCOS and how I progressed so far.

My PCOS update so far

If you want to update yourself on my story so far, I would recommend reading these blogs about my personal health update and living with PCOS and hypothyroidism (sorry still in Dutch!). Long story short, after dealing with serious symptoms for over a year and not be taken serious by specialists, I have finally been diagnosed with PCOS. The more I learn about this, the more it is clear to me that I have been dealing with this for a very, very long time and that taking the birth control pil reduced the symptoms. One thing for example is that I could do the same exercises as a healthy person and eat the exact same things and yet she would lose weight, whereas I would even gain weight sometimes. Or even eating healthier and doing lots of exercises wouldn’t help me to lose the weight.

PCOS & weight loss

That is probably currently my most frustrating thing I am dealing with. The weight. The doctor tells me I need to lose the weight in order to experience less symptoms, but that is easier said than done. I know I can do it because I have done it before, but currently my insuline levels and therefore my blood sugar spikes all the time. This leads to ups and downs throughout the day, feeling tired and having big cravings towards food to spike up my levels. And the sugary foods that I eat will out balance my insuline levels even more and it is basically a never ending and very frustrating story.

Self love & relaxation

At this moment I am trying to love my body for what she is right now. I am alive, my body is trying to do its best with what is has and I am still able to do most of the things I love. With that I am also trying to listen to my gut more, be more aligned with my body and mind so that I reduce stress as much as possible. I do this mostly with meditation and yoga, which both help me a lot. Yin yoga especially is pretty powerful to me I’ve found out. Another thing is becoming more okay whenever things won’t work out. Literally haha. Because I have scheduled to work out 3 times a week by going to the gym and running to the gym as well. This morning I was so exhausted that I even felt more tired than when I when to bed last night. Instead of pushing my body to workout, e.g. stressing my body, I layed in a little longer and did yin yoga at home and walked for a bit in the sun, listening to funny and sweet voice messages from a friend which cheered me right up.

Taking on my food cravings

Another thing is the cravings. All the sugary things I want and know it is not good for me. I am aware this is a restrictive mindset and won’t help me. It makes me afraid because I am eating them even though I won’t allow it (great hey) so I am even more afraid what I’ll do when I will allow it. Will I literally eat everything that I want? Work in progress. What works for me right now is to meal prep as much as possible so that I can easily grab food from the fridge when I get in that I’m hangry mode and don’t nibble on something else.

Using new ankers & habits

That is also another thing. I can be full, full, full, full, okay I am seriously hungry now and need to eat NOW! ASAP! Thank you insuline, I love you too! Beside meal prepping and practicing more self love, I am trying to find new ankers that will help me to stop from overeating and make healthier choices and to eat when I am actually hungry. I try to stop and breath and anker a new thing of using essential oils. Instead of grabbing food, I try to grab my essential oil roller. This is an unwind oil mix that consists of jojoba oil, litsea cubeba, lavender, bergamot and atlas cedarwood. I roll this onto my wrists and deeply inhale the scent. Sooo great!

Supplements for PCOS

So I try to do exercise (HIIT, running and yoga), eat healthy meals (by meal prepping mostly plant based meals) and practice self love (by meditating and journaling and seeing a coach). Lastly I also use a different pallet of supplements to help me maintain and support my PCOS and Thyroid symptoms. I have changed it bit by bit and if you are interested what I took previously, here is the supplement list. This is what I take currently:

  • Metformin medication, 2000mg a day (for PCOS)
  • Euthyrox medication, 125mg a day (for Thyroid)
  • Vitamin D
  • Zinc
  • Magnesium
  • Adrenal support
  • Thyroid balance (by Metagenics)
  • Omega 3
  • Chromium (to balance insuline levels)
  • Probiotics
  • Liver detox mix (consisting of milk thistle, taurine and inositol)
  • High strength bioessential (multivitamin with a lot of B vitamins)
  • Digestex (for my digestive issues, when needed)

Having my period back

A big list and it will change once I progress a little. And even though my weight is currently a big issue, there are some things that are going better and I am truly grateful for that. I have been getting my period back and quite regular as well. My cycle is on 33 days counted the last time and I hope that it will continue like this for a while. If it would I am super grateful as having a more regular period is one of the first steps of managing PCOS. I do however find more pain with my periods than ever before (which was on the pil), though I find that it becomes more manageable when I have my period more often, so that’s great too!

Acne & digestive issues

My skin and acne are slowly getting better too. I flare up when I eat a lot of sugar so that is a bit of a downward spiral, and I am also getting more compliment for a more glowy and clear skin which is so so lovely to hear and are received from people who are honest and I trust. My hair overgrowth is also still there and sometimes I am even considering laser, but I would say this is the least of my problems right now. Another one is the fatigue and brain fog. It is hard to manage but sleep is a big priority and being more organised, planned and putting in reminders are also things that will help me. Lastly there is my digestive system. Sometimes I feel really good and lean and the next day I feel like pregnant blog, super gross and bloated. Worst feeling ever! Clothes won’t fit, I can’t even sit properly and I just feel sorry for myself. Again a healthy diet helps and I have supplements that help me a little. This is so commons for other PCOS sisters so I am not the only one, it is so frustrating though and not much you can do.

Managing my PCOS

Long story short, I am managing my PCOS. Some days are good, some days are bad. Really bad. I try to stay positive and keep in my mind it is a progress and that I have already achieved great things like acknowledgement that my syndrome is real and the fact that I have got my period back. Getting support from others has also been extremely helpful. Knowing that my friends have my back and that there are other ladies dealing in there own way with this is so helpful. So please, keep sending me the emails when you have a question or need support. September is also PCOS awareness month, and hereby I am raising awareness for this syndrome and hopefully making it more common to talk about. You can also always check out my Instagram or send me a message there. I’d love to connect with you and hear from you <3. Thank you for reading my PCOS update.

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