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Limiting beliefs around diet & health

Ever wondered what might be stopping you from achieving your goals and desires? Hello limiting beliefs. These are beliefs that limit you from being the amazing human being that I know you are. Here is to what limiting beliefs exactly are, how you can recognise them and overcome them.

What are limiting beliefs?

This is a thought that is holding you back from your greater potential. You can either be aware of that you are doing this or it can be a more subconscious thought that you aren’t aware of yet that it is holding you back. It usually wants to keep you safe and comes from the ego, trying to protect you in case your worth gets hurt.

Limiting Beliefs Examples are:

  • I am not good enough
  • I will never get there
  • I am too old for this
  • I don’t have enough money
  • I am never going to lose the weight

Overcoming limiting beliefs

When you think: I am never going to get a better job for me, then you probably won’t. If you think that you will never lose the weight and have the body that you want, then you probably will have a tough time to get there. The way that you think will limit you from believing that you can actually get to your goal. You are in your own way of your dreams.

So let’s say you become aware of the fact that you never will lose the weight. You know this thought isn’t serving you. The first thing is to not beat yourself up for it. You are a human being and being mean to yourself isn’t going to help you.

1. What is the reason for this thought?

Instead of fighting it, ask yourself: what is this thought trying to do for me? Usually it is trying to keep you comfortable and safe, because your ego thinks that it will. And that is okay. And stretching out can also get you safety and comfort and probably even a better life!

2. Create a new belief

Next is realising that you are able to create a new belief and change. You can do this by looking and modelling other people who have or do what it is that you want. This doesn’t mean copying or comparing, but simply realising that: if they can do it, so can you. And then taking what it is that made them successful and apply that into your own life.

3. Reflect on what you have overcome before

Another powerful tip is to look at your past and to reflect on what limiting beliefs you have overcome before. Maybe you weren’t able to get to your ideal body yet, but you were able to get your masters degree which also took a lot of dedication. Also using the word YET is very powerful, because it creates possibility.

4. What if this is possible?

Lastly you can say: what if X is possible? What if you are already there? Your subconscious mind will automatically go to that beautiful place. You might visualise what it looks like to be there. You might start acting in that better version of you. Maybe holding yourself accountable more, acting more confident.

How can you step into your power and start working towards your goals despite your fears?

By creating a deadline and goals, you can then create a plan. After that you can work your way back in creating steps that seem less daunting. And every time you show up for yourself you are telling your brain: this is what I am doing now. So the more you do it, the easier it gets. Essentially it is being aware of what is stopping you and doing it anyways. It is facing your fears and go through them. As long as you have your motivation and why you want something, it takes the right tools and consistency to be able to achieve anything.

If you want to work more on limiting beliefs and learning the right tools to change your mindset, now and in the future, check out my coaching program as this will change your life in health and happiness! I am excited to chat and share how this can work for you too!

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  1. Peter Patak

    Hi Joyce,

    Very well written!

    I agree that overcoming limited beliefs positively affects our life quality. Positive thoughts build confidence in us. It gives us courage while processing our fears, and it gives us the strength to face the result with a different approach.

    Thank you for this.

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