Finally reconnect with yourself & have a fun relationship with food

Food is nacho problem. It never was.
Boost your body confidence, create healthier habits that stick with you and your life and make better food choices

Imagine this...

You wake up one day and you are totally loving the woman you see in the mirror. Every little piece of your beautiful body. 

You have so much purpose and energy within your day that you are rocking everything your light touches. You thrive and have the positivity and the motivation to do all of the things you need and want to do.

Your clothes feel good around you and you feel fit and lean. You have the strength to do a big workout and conquer anything in life and you’ve become so resilient. 

You see food as food. The fuel that you need to do all the amazing things in your day. A peaceful mind without urges and where you can focus on your friend instead of what is on the table. Where you are able to achieve your goals in work instead of thinking about when the next meal is coming up and how much you can eat. Where you REALLY ENJOY every piece of food again instead of fighting that inner battle of resisting bad foods and ending up stuffing your mouth with everything that you can find in the cupboards or at a buffet.

Seems impossible to you?

I’ve been there. 

Overeating every single day. When I came  home. When I was stressed. Bored. Tired. Overwhelmed. Even when I was happy. Because I should be able to treat myself, right?!

I tried different diets that I couldn’t keep up with. I must not have enough motivation. Or willpower. Whatever I tried, my cravings didn’t go away. At least not for forever.

 I was too controlling and worried of what I wanted to look like and what I should be eating. Instead of reconnecting of how I wanted to feel.

Changing from the inside naturally leads to changes from the outside. You’ve seen it. When somebody feels good inside her body, she sparks and is vibrant.   

I wanted to be happy and bubbly again too. That’s when I choose to feed my mind first instead of my body. To find the root of my cravings by doing the deep work inside. 

No number of diets and overeating will help to make me feel better and to know that I’m enough. Everything started to change as soon as I focused on my mindset instead of external influences and the food.

chocolate sweet potato parfait 3

That's why I created my Always Crust Your Instincts Program

A 12 week program that will help you to crust your instincts instead of the pizza crust ;). 
Together we will feed your mind with the healthy things, so that you naturally will feed your body with the right things as well, reconnect with your body and conquer your cravings forever. At the end you will be: 


You look at yourself with new eyes. You love and accept yourself and go through life thinking that you’re more than enough. You feel confident about your body and handling every tough food situation that may arise.


Have peace of mind within you and food so that you have more energy in your day. You have your spark back and live more positively & cheerfully. And most of all: have a fun relation with food instead of a restrictive one.

in control

You choose what you want for your life and food doesn’t control it anymore. Your deep inner work resulted in a more motivational life with healthy habits where food cravings are no longer on your grocery list and mind.

back on track blueprint session

Here’s how working with me will take you from indulging yourself with food to indulging yourself with love:

You're one tough cookie​

Dough a little bit of help sometimes will get you where you want to be quicker & better. With the care of someone who understands where you are now and where you want to go.

Whilst I do have a 3 month program set up, all the sessions with me are a 100% aligned with your own personal struggles and goals, where I am your genuine cheerleader who supports you no matter what.

I know how tough this journey can be. You're unique and deserve someone who you can count on. Who will help to create your life to enjoyce that's designed just for you. I am there for you in your toughest & happiest moments!

With my help and guidance, you're reconnecting with your trust & confidence so you make the best choices for you naturally. No more inner battles of GIVE ME THE CHOCOLATE, NO WAY JOSE! But a fun relationship with food instead seeing that bag of M&Ms as the devil. The very colored devil that is.

Lemon-aid for your food struggles & body image issues​

I am helping you create a strong WHY that will help you to motivate you throughout this process & progress.

We will make it super clear what it is that you want to achieve and what thrives you towards a healthier life without food cravings.

Then we will peel off layer by layer what is stopping you from conquering your food cravings and emotional eating. Through NLP techniques we will squeeze out all the limiting beliefs, rules and trauma that is currently holding you back in having a happy relationship with food.

It might sound scary, but what we are actually doing is changing you from a bitter lemon into lemonade in the most gentle, sincere and exciting way that I know how to.

Scooping into your current diet, mindset, behaviour and lifestyle will help you to learn what is and isn’t working for you

You're a real pizza work

The next step is to create a food philosophy that aligns with your values and your lifestyle and therefore is easy to maintain. Forever!

We will tap into the spec-taco-lar human being you are by using a variety of EFT & NLP techniques that will help you to rewire your brain. Instead of filling it with thoughts and beliefs, we will feed it with positive thoughts and beliefs so that after my program you are going to be your own cheerleader again!

You will move through your own healing journey releasing everything that doesn’t serve you. In this stage you will experience becoming more confident, positive and having a peace of mind as you piece by piece gain more control of your cravings.

Through this you will let go of your unwanted weight and you will feel confident in your own skin

The scoop to conquering your cravings

The last step is to really reconnect with your body, mind and spirit and making sure that you make disappearing ice cream your superpower. Not by eating it, but by having the control of your 'ice cream' craving as it won't be there anymore.

You have strategies that you can use for every food issue you experience. You will feel confident that you can tackle every (food) situation in life. Right now and in your beautiful years to come.

We will build daily practices that will work for you and help to get you where you desire to be. With my support we will make sure that these healthy habits do stick and become part of your every day life.

And through meditation and visualisation practices you will learn to anchor your chosen "I-maize-ing" feelings that are already within you. This will scoop out the last urges for food cravings you have.

Choose to conquer overeating Choose for joyful support & expertise

The 12 week Healthy Mind, Healthy Body Program:

An example of what your program could look like. Each program will be tailored to your needs and goals to help you get the best and healthiest body and mind.

Donut just take my word for it, here's why other women like you are berry excited about this program:

It was the beginning of a magical journey for me with Joyce. She is an epitome of positivity who adds enthusiasm through sense of empathy which boosts my morale in tough times and directs my energies to perform well in life. Her positive contribution has reflected in various experiences of my life. She is a constant support of motivation and imparts lifelong mantras of life with insights par excellence. Before the sessions I was feeling very low, having negative thoughts and had a wandering mind. Also I was struggling with weight, tried hard but couldn’t lose weight. I am grateful to Joyce that I could connect with her. As a result of coaching sessions with Joyce, I am more confident and I am able to see positivity in every aspect. Now I feel much energetic as I am eating healthy, I do not experience cravings any more. I have personally seen improvement and it has helped to shape my life better. Thank you so much. I am sure the things I have learned from her will go a long way in my life. Keep the magic alive Joyce!
testimonial prachi
Prachi (23)
Joyce has been extremely helpful to me during a time that I found myself mentally stuck, I had goals but no follow through. I got a life coach to teach me skills in motivation but got so much more, Joyce is very sincere and kind as a person and very skilled in reading into people. I feel I'm becoming my better self.
Natalie (21)
Joyce was a wonderful coach. She made me feel supported, cared for and seen. Joyce allowed me the freedom to express my thoughts, she helped me work on my self belief and self confidence, shedding past fears and self doubt. Thank you for challenging me and allowing to see what I am truly capable of.
Ellen (33)
I used to overeat on cashews every single day. Back in the day I ate them because they were helping me with my health issues. That turned into, it is okay to eat them because they are healthy. And that turned into: I can eat as much as I like. I always ate cashews on stressful days and I couldn't stop eating them, even though I knew it wasn't helping me. I learned that these thoughts weren't serving me anymore and by changing my mindset and building better habits with Joyce, I have stopped overeating on cashews."
Henriette (55)
I really enjoyed working with Joyce as she was great support in helping me overcome some obstacles I was facing in my personal and professional life. She gave me an extensive tool kit to be able to work on achieving my goals and desires as well as being very empathetic and easy to work with. I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking to achieve more balance in their lives or looking to uncover and achieve their dreams.
Tanja (38)
What I love about Joyce is that she has a sincere and gentle way of moving me forward and make sure that I hold myself accountable to really pursue my goals in overcoming my food cravings. After finishing the program, I haven't had an urge since!
Holly (31)
Joyce has been very easy to talk to and very helpful in my process to a better future. She honestly is there to help better anyone and their situation. I strongly recommend her program 😊.
Nikki (25)

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