i am not good enough

I am not good enough

How often do you say “I am not good enough” to yourself? This fear is probably holding to back in achieving the things you really want and I am helping you to remove this fear and let you be in your full potential.

To get more clear about what not good enough is, it is interesting to see in what situations you feel like you are not good enough. Is it studying because you think that other people are smarter than you? Is it at your job because you feel like people are performing better and getting better results than you? Are you not a good mum because you snap at your kids? What situations and reasons can you think of personally that make you believe that you are not good enough?

What is enough?

Can you state for yourself what enough is? I am enough when I loose the weight, when I am happy all the times, when I have a partner, my friends love me, if I juggle all the balls. Often we put the bar for ourselves so high. To be perfect. To always perform at our highest level. And that is just not realistic. Sometimes you are tired. Sometimes there are so many things happening at once that you didn’t predict. Life happens. Matter of the fact is that you always will do your best as you can in the situation that you were in. As long as you do that, there shouldn’t be a reason to ever think that you are not enough.

Are you not enough because you snapped at your kids every now and then? Is that really true? And because you might not be getting those high grades, does that mean that you are not good enough? Or is there something else going on? And if so, what can you do about it?

Where does this way of thinking come from?

In order to shift your mindset away from the thought of thinking “I am not good enough”, you can try and think about where this belief is coming from? Did someone say that you are not good enough in the past? Did you feel like you had to try all the time but didn’t got acknowledged for the things that you did even if you tried so hard? It might even be really small, but at the time it made such a big impact on you, that it kind of scarred you. And that is okay.

The thing is: is this still true for you? And if yes, do you want it to stay that way? And what things can you think of that make you feel good enough? And also if it is no: what is your new belief going to be?

Creating your new belief

It is easy to say “I’m good enough”. But if you don’t feel that way, it is not going to work. I am going to assume that you want to end up feeling really good about yourself and feel that you’re enough. Affirmations can really be powerful in creating, believing and changing your mindset. And normally I would recommend this in order to get where you want to go. Let’s be real though. Nobody is not good enough. You are already enough. Truly. You are enough. You are a beautiful, unique human being with great qualities. Nobody can tell you otherwise, not even yourself. So use that as your affirmation: “I am already enough”.

I am already enough

Okay everything nice and well Joyce. I can say this affirmation right now and it feels good, but if I get into a situation where I truly feel like I am not good enough, what do I do? Trust me, I get you. The positive thing is: you are already aware of that you are saying this to yourself. What’s next is just to keep on practising. Can you flip it around and find something positive about the situation? That shows you are good enough? Give yourself some love and note that this takes time. Every time that you succeed to change to I am already good enough, is another winner. Your old limiting beliefs and habits are so deep down that it takes lots of practice and effort to change it around. I trust that you can do it!

If you need more help, I’d love to coach you so that I can help you to reach your highest potential. If you feel like you can’t do this on your own or want to achieve results faster, feel free to send me an email to info@lifetoenjoyce.nl.

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