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How to time manage your day for real

You are juggling with 5 deadlines with work, the dog needs to go to the vet, your hair is looking more dead each day and oh yes you seriously need to plan in a gym session as well. A busy schedule can really overwhelm you, so what are good techniques to better time manage you day?

Make a weekly schedule

It helps me to create a weekly schedule that is easy to access. I first make a list with all my to do’s that I want to complete for the week. Sunday is usually the day for me to do this. Then I plan everything in according to date and time. I use my old school agenda for this and I also use Google Calendar. With this tool, you create a great overview and you can color scheme it as well, which allows me to make sure that I alternate different tasks to keep my brain fresh and I can concentrate better. It will give me notifications to remind me and hold me accountable and I don’t have to really worry about I have to do.

time manage

Make your agenda and post its your best friend

On a daily basis I’d like to sit down and write what I want to accomplish for that day. I do this after my morning routine which is already a habit for me. By writing this down I know my schedule in more detail (compared to the global Google Calendar which is more broad for me). During the week a lot of tasks get added on my to do list or ad hoc things happen that I want to do. I plan these in on a daily check of list. I use my agenda or just a post it to write everything down. And, if I think of something whilst Im on the go, a quickly add a reminder to my Google Calendar for a time that is more convenient to me.

When are you most productive?

Making a schedule is something that helps everybody and is widely known to help with time management. But do you know when you’re most productive? When you have the most energy of the day? When you feel like you can concentrate the best? This is different for everybody. Journal about your energy levels and when you find yourself most productive. Use this time to work on your most challenging tasks and do the less demanding tasks on a time when you’re not bustling with energy.

Where do you work best?

Is that in an environment with no distraction at all? Do you need music or not? Is it better to turn off your phone when you’re working on a challenging task and deadline? For me, a change of scenary works a lot too. I study and work mostly from home, but that can be paired with a lot of distractions as well. So I go out the door. To the library, to a park to read or to a cafe. A change of scenery will get me in the zone, gets things going and gets me more focused and creative.

Are you doing to much?

If you’re stressing out about time management, it is maybe not because you cannot manage your time, but because you’re doing too much. Can you delegate some tasks to somebody else? Can you slow down a little, so you actually have the energy to work properly on a task? So that you have more clarity and more focus to work on what you actually need to do. Another idea is to get yourself familiar with the 80/20 Pareto principle rule.

This is how you effectively time manage

To time manage more effectively is not something you do overnight, but it is something that you can work on every single day with little steps. Let me give you two questions to sit with you:

1. If your workday was halved, what work would you complete?
2. What is the one task you could complete to make tomorrow an effective day?

This helps you to prioritize your tasks a bit better. And secretely you already know what the most important tasks to you are to make it an effective and beautiful day.

Do you want more guidance on time management and how it is applicable on your personal life? Or do you have other issues that you would like to get coached on? Let me help you and send an email to info@lifetoenjoyce.nl.

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