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How to be productive when your to do list is overflowing

You want to get a lot done, because your to do list is overflowing, but the long list is actually scaring you, so you end up doing nothing. How can you overcome this and still have a productive day?

There can be different ways you act that lead to a less unproductive day. Have a read through these and what action steps you can take to turn this around.

There is too much going on in your head

Your head is consistently running a marathon with thoughts and tasks that need to be done. There seems to be a never ending list with to do’s and it’s driving you mad. Trust me, my head always works like this, but I learned to come at piece with it and to apply these things:

  • When an action step pops up in your head, write it down. This can be a piece of paper, a planning app like Wunderlist, a reminder in your calendar or a note in your phone. If you can, add also a deadline with it.
  • Once a week you collect all these to do’s and plan the tasks you want to do this week in your calendar. Plan longterm tasks in your agenda if you have a deadline for it and otherwise keep them put for next week.
  • Take the evening or the morning to make a to do list to help yourself keep accountable of the things you want to do or are important to you.

You know that you need to do this task, but you get side tracked

Okay, now I am really going to do this. Yes I’m on it. Looks at the phone, opens a new tab to look at holiday destinations, gets a lightbulb idea to text mum about the recipe that she talked about last week, shut, I have to pay that invoice still and oh do I have any new email at all? You get the point. When you really have to do something but don’t want to do it, you take on all these excuses to just not do them. So what can you do to become less side tracked?

  • Turn your phone on flight mode
  • Close all unneccessary tabs
  • Make sure your desk is clear, you have water and you’ve gone to the toilet
  • Keep a piece of paper and a pen in case something does pop up in your head and quickly write that down to return to later
  • Remind yourself why you wanted to do this task
  • Just get on with it and start, it will probably less of a hustle than you thought it would be. You will thank me later.

You have no clarity on what needs to be done

Sometimes you feel like you have got no motivation, you feel a little bit lost, unsure of what you should be doing. The chances are that you have no clarity of your goals and the things you want to achieve. In order to be productive, you have to write down what you want to achieve.

  • What do you wake up for in the morning?
  • What do you really want to achieve?
  • What to do’s align with that?
  • And if some to do’s not align with that or you don’t really want to do them, could you delegate them to somebody else?
  • Still not as productive even though you feel motivated? Try to figure out what is keeping you from achieving it or what you need to make things happen.

Get more productive

We all have to do al lot of things and hopefully by slowing down and reflect on what the real reason is that you are procrastinating, you wil get way more clear and motivated to take action. Sometimes you actually just need a break and not to work as hard to actually be productive.

If you are still struggling in becoming more productive and you need some help with sorting out your own, personal steps in becoming more productive and actionable steps on how to achieve your goals? Feel free to contact me through for life coaching on your problems.

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