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How to be more mindful with your phone and use it less

When I travel with public transportation it is obvious: we are waaaay too addicted to our phones. Don’t get me wrong, I love my phone and I would like to be more mindful with it. And here is how I’ve done it.

FOMO phoning

My phone is maybe my dearest thing I own. My whole life is in there. It is how I can text and speak to my family and friends all over the world. How I create things for my blog and platform. Where I use very meaningfull apps. In short, I would not know what to do without my phone. A downside of using my phone, is that I use and look at it a lot. It is like a bit of FOMO. I noticed that I looked at my phone a lot. To see if the light was blinking for me to have new and missed messages. I used it as a distraction to not work and study or other life admin.

How often are you using your phone?

I guess a lot of you can relate to this. Especially when I look in public and how many people are using their phones all the time as well. It kind of annoys me haha. Why can’t anybody just have a normal conversation, be under the people? I mean, I am guilty too :). Even though I never downloaded the app to check how much I am actually on my phone, I knew I was using it a lot. And I didn’t want that anymore. So I created new systems to have a more mindful relationship with my phone.

Turn of notifications

Even though I want to be available for my friends and family, turning off my notifications for basically everything was a huge relieve for me. No more pings and lights every time someone or an app sends me something. I decide how much and when I will look at any messages. It brought me so much more calmness, you cannot even. There are also options for your phone to put it on no disturb. You can even put in settings to let only emergency calls come true, so no fear on missing out ;).

Aks yourself why you are using your phone

If you are aware that you are using your phone more than is good for you, good! It is time to ask yourself: why you are using your phone? What do you actually need right now? Do you actually need your phone right now? Are you using it as an distraction? As an way out to actually deal with the emotions you are feeling right now? Emotions like boredom, unhappiness, stress, loneliness, restlessness, overwhelm and feeling uncomfortable. Think about where this is coming from . And even better: how you can find a solution for this problem? Because you and I both know that glancing at your phone isn’t one. So think about what you can do instead. What other things you would have wanted to do with your time instead of endlessly scrolling through Insta?

Have an inspirational wallpaper

When you do turn on your phone, what do you see? Because if you have noticed that it is continously the same reason that you will use your phone, like stress for example, you could put a wallpaper that makes you feel calm. A beautiful picture you took on a hike. Or an affirmation that really speaks to you.

Use mindful apps

Sounds conflicting, using your phone to be more mindful with it. But I see it this way. If I am going to use my phone anyways, it might as well for a relaxing meditation, or to watch a yoga video (okay and actually doing the poses as well). Being mindful with your phone, doesn’t necessarily mean to use your phone less. It just means you use it in a different way. I listen to mindful music on Spotify when I go to bed, I meditate with guided meditations from Insight Timer and even phones have their own apps. If you have a Samsung Galaxy S10 or another Android phone, you can use Samsung Health app. A new addition on this app for all new phones running on Android 9.0 Pie is called Calm. Calm is a meditation app with guided meditations, stories to fall asleep with and basic exercises to stretch your body. This option, together with the new function of adding daily rituals to your phone to make your life easier, better and more mindful, would be great mindful reasons why I would buy the Samsung Galaxy S10 next.

I find it great that nowadays there is a lot more awareness for mindfullness and the downsides of using your smartphone. I hope that with these tips and insights, I made you more aware of how you use your own phone and how you can change this is you want to do so.

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