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How do you know if you are on the right track?

Do you recognize that state of mind where you are not sure if the changes that you are making are meant for you? If you are struggle to know whether you are on the right track or not, this is your article!

Life is certainly not all about roses and a straight line to succes. You will fail, things will go wrong and sometimes you feel like you’re not even moving forward. This happens to everyone. So how do you know if you’re are on the right track and making the right choices? How do you know if what you’re doing at the moment is what will get you where you want to be, even though you feel like you’re not getting anywhere or that you know have to take certain actions that you might not like.

For example: you are working out 5 times a week and really killing it, but you won’t loose centimeters or weight. Same goes for food. You have been eating nutricious whole foods and don’t loose the weight. You have been trying to make a proper planning and you still feel like you’re in it over your head. You get the idea. Whatever your goal is, you feel like you have been trying and trying and yet you’re not getting anywhere and you want to throw in the towel.

To see what being stuck means, it is important to understand what is happening when you feel stuck. You feel like:

  • you have no motivation to move forward
  • you are in a bad mood and quickly frustrated
  • you have less confidence in the trust that you will achieve your goal
  • you have negative thoughts about how you feel and act
  • you procrastinate getting the results that you really want

I think we have all felt like this this way and that it seems like there is no way out. You are dragging yourself to work after not even able to get up in the morning, you don’t seem to be able to loose the weight, to find that soul mate or even to have nice friends around you. You are stuck.

Life goes through up and downs and sometimes you have to go through difficult periods of time to get to where you want. So how do you know the difference between really being stuck and take the wrong path or that you are on the right yellow brick path but this has just a few bumps in the road and eventually you will get where you need to go?

Ain’t about how fast I get there, ain’t about what’s waiting on the other side. It’s the climb

You are taking action!

You have the goal to loose the weight, to get lean, to be fitter. You are trying but you don’t seem to progress, whatever you try. You are going to the gym and trying different workouts and you are trying to make a better effort at eating healthier meals. Well done you! This is better than not going to the gym at all and just eating junk food. Just keep going. Sometimes your body stays in a stable state for a while (about 4 to 6 weeks) before you actually can see the work that you put in. And sometimes you need to check in with yourself and see what the next step is going to be. Are you trying to drink more water this week? Are you trying to schedule an extra workout this week or are you upgrading your snack to more nutricious rich foods?

You are failing

Wait what?! Am I not supposed to succeed here to be on the right track? Do you though? Did Michael Jordan get where he is with just success? Did Thomas Edison invented light after just a good night’s sleep? No! It took him a 1000 times to invented the light. So if it takes you a 1000 times to get where you want to be, then it is a good thing. Why? Because in order to get better at something, you need to know what’s not working, learn from that and do better next time. That to me is basically the circle of life (apart from thinking of the Lion King of course). You have a goal, you try something, it doesn’t get the results you want, you learn from it, make a plan, you try something again etcetera, until you get the results you want and then you create a new goal or a goal to become even better than before.

You are being confident

What is the reason that you feel stuck? That you are insecure of whether you are able to do it? What is holding you back? Because this is the difference between being on the right and the wrong path. You are afraid. Afraid for some reason to get and grab what you want and truly deserve. So if you put in the work and find out what is bothering you, the only thing left for you to do is to be confident and take on new challenges.

You are focusing more on yourself

Do you do something just for you every single day? Taking that dedicated me time? In that way you are doing something just for you, something that makes you feel really good and excited. And that is not being selfish, that is loving yourself. Another part of this is doing the things that your gut tells you to do. Do you feel stuck because people tell you different things and you are conflicted about what it is that you really want? Because that can hold you back and not progressing too. Trust your gut and follow your path. After all it is your life and not that of others around you. So follow your heart and follow the right path.


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