how do you feel satisfied after eating

How do you feel satisfied after eating?

You eat because you were hungry. But no matter how much you eat, you aren’t satisfied. It seems like you can eat 10 plates of food! And then you overeat and eat more food than you actually need. How is it possible that you aren’t satisfied after eating food and what can you do to change this? How do you feel satistied after eating?

Never feeling satisfied

Eat until you are satisfied and you will never overeat or eat until you gain weight. This seems true, but not entirely if you ask me. Because how is it possible that you can eat 3 burgers and ice cream for dessert but when you have 3 plates of vegetables in front of you, especially with lettuce, you can’t maybe even finish 1 plate. It’s safe to say that you will eat more calories with the first meal and if you do that continiously, you will gain weight. And you probably will eat even more that you really need to feel satisfied. This makes you then overeat. How is that possible? And how do you feel satisfied after eating?

Food without much nutrients

First off, there’s a lot of sugars and unhealthy fats in burgers and other processed foods. They’re not very nutrient dense and that is why we say they have empty calories. Calories that won’t do anything for our bodies. I am not saying that it is wrong to eat a burger every once in a while, but our bodies wants and craves the vitamins and minerals it needs to grow and take care of herself. You overeat and eat more than you need because this is you body’s sign that it wants more food. Not more burgers, but more vitamins and minerals that it didn’t get from the burgers. Your brain cues this signal to have more food in the hope to get the nutrients it needs and that is why your stomach feels not satisfied. Result: you keep eating to get that satisfied feeling.

500 calories explained

To show you this a bit better, I am demonstrating how 2 meals have the same amount of calories but do something completely different for your body. When you eat 500 calories that only exists out of oil, your stomach will be statisfied for just about 1/4. This means that you will still be very hungry. When you eat 500 calories that exists of processed and fat foods like your burgers, your stomach will be satisfied for 1/2. However, when you eat 500 calories of fruit and veg, your stomach will be fully satisfied. Wow! And extra bonus points: because 500 calories of fruit and veg compared to processed foods, usually means that it is way more anyways, so you can actually eat way more too!

Learn to trust your body

Long story short, technically you can eat as much fruit and veg as you want until your body says: “okay I’m full now, let’s stop eating”. Especially with eating vegetables, your body is a great success at this. This is because there is a lot of fiber and nutrients in veg, which makes it easier for your body to know when it is actually full because your stomach will be fully full (as you’ve learned in the example above). It can be a while before your body is used to the switch of eating more vegatables and in this process your leptine levels (who give the signal of you being hungry) possibly won’t work optimally. But when it does, girl, wow your body will be in tune!!! You can trust your body and really feel when you’ve had enough. How awesome is that?! That is why you never ever have to count calories anymore. You will just need a plate of fruit and veg and eat as much as you like until you’ve had enough. That is how you create a healthy way of eating (when it comes to food of course, mindset is a whole other thing!) and eating as much as your body needs without gaining weight. It is very normal to actually starting to eat more or at least in volume because you can eat a lot of vegetables to have the same amount of calories. A plate of just vegetables with 500 calories will look way fuller than a plate of meat and grains for example. Not to say, you can’t eat that at all, of course you can. It is all about balance!!

Feeling satisfied with plant based food

If you choose to focus on increasing vegetables. If you choose with every meal to have some vegetables, even if it is just a little bit, you will slowly but naturally reach your desired dream weight. The more you choose whole foods and plant based foods that is healthy for you, the more you will connect with your body and you will reach your natural weight. If you really want to focus on the foods you are eating, then I would suggest to eat foods where you feel more satisfied with. With fruit this is about 200 to 400 calories per pound, whereas with oats its about 400 to 500 calories per pound. This means that you will feel more satisfied with eating a pound of fruit than a pound of oats and eat less calories. Again it is not about the calories and that foods are good or bad (because it’s not, it’s a choice), it is about giving and choosing what is best for you and your body. Lastly, working on your mindset is a huge one too! Because if you’ve just focus on the food, diet after diet, how much has that done for you? It is the beliefs and emotions that you carry behind the food that needs unravelling and change to really stop dieting. It is undieting your mind :). Wondering how it might work for you?

The secret to losing weight without a diet?

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