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pumpkin gnocchi

Pumpkin Gnocchi

Not your ordinary gnocchi! Made with love, pumpkin and oat flour and crispy baked in the pan, this pumpkin gnocchi […]

chocolate sweet potato parfait 2

Chocolate sweet potato parfait

Did someone say chocolate?! This chocolate sweet potato parfait with apple, coconut yoghurt and walnuts is a perfect, delicious and […]

tofu palak paneer

Tofu palak paneer

Have a taste of this traditional Indian dish! This spinach curry is usually made with paneer, a cottage cheese, and […]

ginger cashew cookies

Cashew ginger cookies (gluten & dairy free)

Think christmas cookies, full of flavour and happiness. Full of Ginger spice (and I am not talking about the one […]

vegan chickpea pasta bake

Vegan eggplant and chickpea pasta bake

Pasta in the oven is what makes my mouth water and my heart beats faster. With grilled eggplant, chickpea pasta […]

pumpkin bread 2

Pumpkin bread

Bread that almost tastes like cake and smells like Christmas time. Who doesn’t want to eat that? Let me show […]

dairy free italian oat pizza

Pizza Margherita (dairy free)

Who doesn’t love pizza?! I can’t live without it! And I love a good pizza, especially a homemade one. This […]


Vegan panzanella

I love a good panzanella! How can you easily make it vegan, just as tasty and within 15 minutes? This […]


Chocolate Chiapudding

Creamy chocolate chiapudding, full of flavour and with high protein so that it keeps you full for ages and so […]

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