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tempeh haloumi salad

Tempeh & Haloumi salad

This vegan salad filled with yummy things like tempeh, haloumi and cranberries. Lots of flavours from sweet to sour, it […]

avo on toast with tempeh and halloumi

Avo on toast with tempeh and haloumi

Who doesn’t love avo on toast? Call me a Melburnian or not, but this is literally my favorite lunch! And […]

sweet n sour chickpea salad

Sweet ‘n Sour Chickpea Salad

A little sweetness, a little sourness. A lot of veggies and fruit. That is what I call this Sweet ‘n […]

creamy chocolate truffles

Creamy chocolate truffles

The crackling sound of the chocolate that breaks in your mouth when you first take a bite, only to reach […]

creamy korma curry with tofu

Creamy korma curry

This will be the creamiest curry you have ever tried! So creamy and soft with an explosion of taste. Try […]

limiting beliefs

010: Your limiting beliefs & how it keeps you to overeat

I need to finish my plate, I am an emotional eater and processed foods are bad. Are your limiting beliefs […]

veggie sausage casserole

Veggie sausage casserole with kale chips

Meat lovers coming over for dinner or forgot what is was like to eat meat? Try this plant based meal […]

almond coconut snowballs 2

Almond coconut snowballs

These bliss balls, mostly made out of almonds and coconut, are the perfect little pick me up treat, for that […]

binge eat

008: A scientific reason for why you binge eat & how to overcome it

Do you binge eat, deal with an eating disorder or have food struggles? There is a scientific reason as to […]

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