5 blockages weight loss

044: The 5 most common blockages that are in the way of permanent weight loss & health

Want to be healthier and losing the weight, but whatever you seem to do, it isn’t working and you feel more frustrated and exhausted than before. What is standing in your way between you and feeling good, energetic, balanced and weight loss? Probably these 5 most common blockages, excuses and thoughts that actually prevent you from losing that weight. A must listen to shift and change to a healthier life for you.

“I’m tired of my thoughts. They weigh me down, feels like I’m drowning. I’m tired of my flaws, they fill me with anxiety and I Honestly, I’m done with hating pictures of myself. And tryna be like everybody else. But I just wanna be like me.”

– Bebe Rexha, Girl in the Mirror

What you will learn listening to 5 common blockages to health and weight loss:

  • 5 reasons that are in the way of being healthier and losing weight
  • Excuses and thoughts that you are telling yourself to not feel healthy and good about yourself
  • Steps and how to take action to remove these 5 common blockages
  • The next step to really shift your focus and achieve your goal towards feeling and being healthy.

5 blockages keeping you from weight loss and health resources

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