3 fears of eating out

038: the 3 fears of eating out when on a diet

Fear eating out when on a diet? Worried about what you are going to eat? If you’re not going to eat too much? If it fits in your calorie budget or if it’s healthy enough? I talk about the 3 fears of eating out when on a diet that keep you from being at peace with food and enjoying your time out with friends. Learn how to stay aligned with your goals without worrying that you’re going to overeat.

This episode about the ‘3 fears of eating out when on a diet’ is for you if:

  • You only think about the food when you’re eating out
  • You get stressed and anxious when you’re going out to a restaurant because the options might not fit with your diet
  • You can’t really enjoy your time with your loved ones and really enjoy the food and be at peace
  • You fear overeating or eating the things that you don’t actually want.
  • You want to learn what is stopping you from having a good time eating out and still eat healthy
  • You want to understand why going out to eat can be concerning
  • You want to learn the reason why you overeat and eat unhealthily when you go out to eat
  • You want to eat what you want without feeling bad about it

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