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036: How to live more in the present with Mary Gaynor

How do you actually live more in the present without dwelling in the past or overthinking and fearing the future? Do you feel out of balance or do you experience unexplainatory pains in your body? Today I talk with energy healer Mary Gaynor and shares her tips and experience with us.

This episode about how to live more in the present is for you if:

  • You to live more in the present
  • You have pains in you body that you can’t explain
  • You want to create more balance in your life
  • The best tips to heal your body and have an amazing life
  • Learning about energy management and energies in your bodies and the world

Ready to take control over your cravings with confidence?

Do you go on a new diet, to only fall of the bandwagon because you cannot let that chocolate be for what it is? To eat a whole tub of ice cream in one sitting? Do you want to make consistent change and create new habits but you find yourself starting over again on Mondays? Are you tired and frustrated of the contant battle with food and weight loss?

Do you instead: want to feel confident in your body, totally accept and love the way you are, have a healthy and awesome relationship with foods, stop the cravings and dieting, eat the foods you love and live a happy, free, balanced and full life permantly?

I understand! With not loving my body, dieting for years and dealing with binge eating disorder, I was tired, frustrated and stressed. I was doing everything right and I didn’t see a change and I didn’t lose the weight. Until I realised that it wasn’t about the food, the weight loss and the diet. It was about tackling the root cause. The real reason why I was eating.

By doing the mindset work and working with my subconscious mind, I created new and permanent habit and neuropathways that led me to a free and happy life. A life without having to follow any diet, where I enjoy food to the fullest and I feel good about myself, my body and past traumas. Don’t let food overrule your life, beliefs and choices like I did. And I am here to help you to help you to create your own life to enjoyce. Without the diets and without the cravings. Because you deserve to live your best life! And if not now, when? You only have one life so why wait? Create your Life to Enjoyce today! Find out how by booking a free discovery call and walk away with your first action steps and a clearer idea about your root cause of your cravings.

FREE: 21 Simple Strategies to Stop Stress Eating

Had a tough day at work and the only way to deal with it is to go through all your cupboards and eat? Do you find yourself always eating mindlessly? Diving into a bar of chocolate or the candy jar and eating more than you want to? Or do you experience a lot of stress in your life in general and do you want healthy and easy ways to change your mood and reduce your stress and cortisol levels and stop stress eating? Then take the first steps towards a stress free life and download my FREE 21 Simple Strategies to Stop Stress Eating guide.

Chase your cravings to a stop yourself!

Do you crave a life where you have a normal and healthy relationship with food and your body? Where you totally feel at peace, free and never have to diet again? Without any cravings and where you see and eat food just as fuel instead of eating your emotions away?


This program is especially designed for women who want to say bye to their cravings and realise that diets won’t work and are ready to work on their mindset themselves. This program is easy to follow with daily emails around 4 themes: Awarenes, Beliefs, Connection and Do it. As easy as ABC(andD). With empowering questions and exercises, you take charge in your own hands, work and change your mindset and put your cravings to the curb. This has my best tips and questions from my own journey and is specifically for women who have a tight budget (and can put the money into this program rather than in diet foods) and want to have a course that they can do in their own time and pace.

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