033: Stop comparing yourself with what other people eat

Wow she is eating so little, I must be a trash can! How is it possible that she never thinks of food? Or that she can eat all of that and not gain a single gram? If you think and are consumed by these thoughts, they can be toxic for your own health. In this episode I’ll teach you how to stop comparing yourself with what other people eat.

This episode is for you if:

  • You compare yourself with others
  • You worry about how others perceive you when you eat
  • You are conscious of what you eat when others are around
  • You have a low self-esteem and body acceptance
  • You are struggling with how much you should eat
  • You want to learn how to stop comparing yourself with others
  • You want to be more mindful around food
  • You want to not be triggered with what other people are eating

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Create a healthy mindset & relationship with food

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