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022: How to not fall back into old habits

You were doing so well and suddenly you fall back into the old you, your old habits, your old way of doing things. So what’s the point of even improving? Of even trying? This is how you really break old habits.

During these uncertain times of the pandamic, where everyone’s emotions are heightened, where everyone is feeling stressed and anxious, it is really easy to fall back into old patterns. To start overeating again. Smoking and drinking more. To give up exercising because you can’t go to the gym anymore. To be more cranky, negative and snapping at people. It is more than logical to fall back into old patterns and to experience a relapse. The point is: what are you gonna do about it? How can you actually break an old pattern?

This episode is for you if:

  • You overeat or binge on a regular basis
  • You experience a lot of stress or anxiety
  • You don’t feel like you’re the best version of you
  • You experience falling back into old patterns and habits
  • You want to learn why you relapse
  • You want to learn what you can do about falling back into old habits
  • You want to actively practice and improve in strengthening and creating new patterns and habits
  • You want to know tools that can help you in creating those new habits

Ditch the Diet Forever!

If you are always dieting and don’t know what to do about it anymore? Leaving you frustrated because you just want to be thin, stop the drama and effort of dieting and the urge to be like the others? Do you crave a life where you have a normal and healthy relationship with food and your body? Where you totally feel at peace, free and never have to diet again?


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Committed to reach your highest potential?

Do you see other people achieving their dreams while you Netflix your nights away? Do you feel like you juggle your way through life without a breather? Do you feel like food and your thoughts are controlling your life and you don’t lose the weight you want to lose? Do you feel like you are stuck in your stressful job and aren’t being appreciated by your manager? Do you feel like your relation has reached a plateau or do you walk into Mr. Wrong all the time, not being able to find Mr. Right?

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