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008: A scientific reason for why you binge eat & how to overcome it

Do you binge eat, deal with an eating disorder or have food struggles? There is a scientific reason as to why you’re dealing with this and I am sharing how you can deal with overcoming binge eating.

Do you think about food a lot? Count calories? Think what you can and can’t eat? Restrict yourself? Eat too much or too little? Let food rule your life? Then your probably have a disoriented and unhealthy relationship with food. No judgement here, because I have been binge eating myself and currently recovering from that. It is a difficult process but it became more clear for me when I found out the scientific reason for my behaviour and why I binge eat. It led to me dealing with the disorder better and help me overcome it. In this episode I share this scientific reason and what you can do to set the first step in overcoming it. That being said, I want to urge you to find some professional help as well. Someone who really wants to help you as this is a serious condition. If you want to talk to someone who really understands, please send me a message, either through Instagram @lifetoenjoyce or through Im here for you. Always <3

I hope you find this usefull and inspiring <3. If you do and know anyone who might grow from this, please do share and make their (and my) day. Share and tag your experience on social media. leave a review on ITunes and follow me on your Poddie channel. If you have suggestions of what you would like to hear next on the podcast, share your idea(s) in the comments.

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