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003: How to live a balanced lifestyle (with PCOS)

How can you live a balanced lifestyle in general and with PCOS? I am picking Eva’s brain in this episode on the podcast.

Living a healthy & happy lifestyle. Everyone does it differently and it is not easy to achieve a balanced lifestyle. Especially when you’re sick as well. In this episode I am having my first (!) guest on the show who shares her Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) story. How did she find out that she has PCOS and what has she done and is currently doing to manage her PCOS symptoms? And even when you don’t have PCOS, this episode is going to have some amazing tips for you that you can apply in your own life to make your life more happy & healthy.

Eva is 30, lives in Belgium, found out she has PCOS in 2012 and tries to manage her symptoms every since whilst working full time, working out and doing amazing hobby’s like improv theatre. We discuss what lifestyle things Eva is currently implementing to manage her symptoms and just to live a healthy lifestyle in general. From sharing what she likes to eat and her favorite workouts until why and how rest is so important for a healthy lifestyle.

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