Yoga exercises for your thyroid gland

Do you suffer from your thyroid gland? Then the right yoga exercises can help you to make you feel better in your skin.

If you have a low or fast-working thyroid gland, you can experience the necessary symptoms, which is not pleasant. Although doing yoga does not make you heal from your thyroid disorder, you can get more comfortable in your skin by yoga. Most exercises stimulate your throat, which stimulates the circulation and energy flow around the thyroid gland. Also stretch and strengthen your neck with these exercises.

Cat/Cow Pose

A perfect pose to start your sequence. The Cat/Cow Pose provides more blood supply in your neck. You start this exercise in table top with your hands underneath your shoulders and your knees right underneath your hips. Then you breathe in, warp your back and lift your chin to the ceiling. Breathe out and ball your back as you bend your head and look through your legs. Repeat this about 15 times.

Camel Pose

Come out of your table top on your knees and gently bend back until your fingers hit your heels. Make sure your shoulders are well back and lift your chin while you look at the ceiling. Make a thickening of the mat if you are suffering from your knees and possibly take care of a block if you do not reach your heels easily. Be careful with this exercise and if your lower back does very much, it is better to skip these for now.

Cobra Pose

A much-seen pose in a vinyasa flow. Perfectly fine to do this in a flow by doing the sun greetings, going to a downward facing dog, board, and then dropping it into a cobra. The Cobra is done by keeping your body on the ground and placing your hands next to your ribs. Pull your shoulders back and tighten them so you get a hollow in your spine. Then press up while you keep looking straight ahead. Hold for 15 seconds and repeat the flow 3x.

Boat Pose

A challenging pose that is also good in addition to your thyroid gland to bring your abdominal muscles together. Yes for a flat stomach! The position of your neck in this pose would have a healing effect on your thyroid gland. There are several options for this pose.
Beginners: Sit on your mat with your legs stretched and place your hands on the mat with fingers facing forward next to your buttocks. Then lift both legs in 90 degrees and tighten your abdominal muscles.
Advanced: Take the position of beginners, but now straighten both arms straight forward as shown on the image above.
Experts: Take the posture of advanced, but instead of having your legs at 90 degrees, stretch them completely diagonally upward.
Keep the exercise fixed for about 15 seconds.

Bridge Pose

A pose that everyone knows. Lie on your back and bring your feet as close to your buttocks as possible. Then press force out into your feet and push yourself and your hips off the floor. You can choose to make your hands come together under your back. Hold this pose for 30 seconds. For a more healing version of this pose, you can place a block underneath the piece of your lower back and buttocks and stay there for a while.

Upward Bow Pose

Again a challenging pose that you can start relaxing in a reclining position. Bend your knees and bring your feet as close to your buttocks as possible. Then bring your elbows to the ceiling as you place your hands next to your head with your fingers facing your shoulders. Make sure your feet are not wider than your hips. Then practice strength in your feet as in the bridge and lift your hips up. Therefore, exert strength in your hands and push yourself up until you are in a semi-circle. Keep as long as possible full as is comfortable.

Supported Shoulder Stand

Start this pose by lying on your back with your arms next to you. Lift your legs up and then lift your hips up so that they come out above your shoulders and you are a long, straight line. Place your hands in your lower back for extra support. Also, make sure your chin is pressed in your chest. Hold the pose for at least 15 seconds or as long as it is comfortable.

Plow Pose

From the previous exercise, you can easily proceed to the plow pose. In this case, you lower your legs from the supported shoulder stand down until your toes slowly hit the ground. You can then choose to bring your arms back to the ground and keep them in pistol posture. The pressure on your throat that exerts this exercise is very good for your thyroid gland.

Fish Pose

As the opposing pose after the 2 upper, it is very good to do the Fish Pose, because it is the opposite of the shoulder position and it rebalances your body and opens your throat chakra. Just lie back on your back and place your arms next to you. Then pull your elbows backwards towards your shoulders so that your chest comes up. Then place your head on the ground as you look backwards.

All these exercises help you to balance your body and thyroid and reduce stress. Finish this sequence with the Shavasana for an even more relaxing end of your exercises and to bring everything to rest.


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