Say these things to get smarter about it

Of course you are perfect as you are, but if you want to make an extra impression on someone, it helps to say these things to get smarter.

1. I can't

By ' I can't say it ', you indicate that you have impotence over the situation. A situation where you don't want to be there. Plus, the more often you say you can't do something, the more your brain will believe it and then you will find that you won't be able to do it. You probably say this more often than you realize. The most common among us women is a skill that you don't think can be good. You actually throw the towel in the ring in advance by assuming you can't. But also everyday things like: I can't go to the gym today, or I can't eat this, take care of an impotence position. Better it is therefore to say (especially the first is huge powerful):

  • I choose to
  • I'd rather not

2. I do not know

Let me say that there is absolutely nothing wrong with indicating that you do not know something. In fact, that is very good indeed. It's fair and even the most successful leaders give up if they don't know anything. Although it is good to be honest, you can formulate this in a better way. If a colleague asks you something about the statistics and you have no clue how that is put together, you can say, for example: I would like to learn this, let's figure it out together. Other ways to say ' I don't know ' are:

  • I'm gonna figure it out
  • I would like to know more about
  • I learn
  • I don't know for sure

3. Ehm…

A word that quickly creeps in is the word ' ehm '. This can be quite a bit fast and is actually an unnecessary congestion. It ensures that what we are trying to communicate is getting less value because it seems we are unsure as to what we want to transfer. Especially when giving a presentation, meeting a new person or sharing what mega is important to you, you'd rather definitely come over and omit the ' Ehm '. Instead, breathe quietly in and out and tranquilizer. What you have to say is valuable, so don't hesitate. Instead of a ' ehm ', read a break. This gives you more consideration and you have thought more about your words. So say instead:

  • Nothing! But read a break in

So use these tips in any conversation to get smarter. Read a silence in if you don't know what you want to say and think carefully about your word usage. It also helps if you adjust your posture to look smarter. Act confident and no one will question you!


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