Living with PCOS and Hypothyreoïde

Right now, my life is quite a hormonal rollercoaster. My hormones are not in balance causing me to currently deal Meth
ypothyreoïdie and PCOS. How is that now to live with these chronic diseases?

My story so far

If you haven't read my previous update yet, I advise you to do so first to be more aware of everything. And if you want to know more about an underactive thyroid gland, ofwe
lhypothyreoïdie, or about polycystic ovarian syndrome or PCOS.

Underactive thyroid problems

Living with a thyroid gland that does not work well and PCOS is very troublesome. Since my 15th I have been suffering from an underactive thyroid gland that I have been taking medication for all these years. Now suddenly he is working fast, but I experience more than ever the symptoms of an underactive thyroid gland. I myself think I may need to change medication, but of course I cannot do this myself. Because the problems are all hormonal, I am now sent to a endocrinologist, a hormone specialist, who will have to help me further. Unfortunately the waiting time for this is very long and my appointment will not take place until the beginning of June (I have been waiting for the appointment for a while).

Again Menstruate!

Meanwhile, there is also good news. Because of my PCOS I have not had menstruation for more than a year. Thanks to the supplements and acupuncture, I have made huge strides and I have only suffered my first menstrual period. I believe I have never been so happy with being uncoupled haha. If after such a long time you have not been uncoupled, knowing that something is wrong in your body, menstruate is one of the most special things you can experience and gives you a signal that slowly your body begins to become healthier again. And that is such a thing beautiful and special that I think this I never take again as a given.

PCOS & Acne

Also my skin slowly starts to get better. I still suffer from acne, but it has already become much quieter. My skin seems slightly more radiant but especially softer and more nourished which is very fine. Regarding my PCOS it goes in the right direction and I wish for regular menstruation and a radiant, acne free skin.

Thyroid medication

My thyroid problems are another story. For years this has gone well, but lately I have been back to it. Where my symptoms were previously well managed with my medication, I experience them now more than ever. I even have an overactive thyroid gland instead of an inactive one. I am switched from medication because I now live in Australia and the hormone imbalance by the PCOS of course does not really help with that.

Complaints thanks to the thyroid gland

I am very tired now, I have even more trouble with hair loss where sometimes it comes with strands at the same time and I have a lot of trouble with my tummy. Gasification, bloating and heavy abdominal cramps. Last it was so bad that I couldn't even sit normally. I also arrived in a short time in weight, mainly around my belly. Everything to do with the hormones, the stress and also the sugar cravings that I have.

Cravings for sugar

Almost always I have a tendency to eat sweet and I can eat anything loose and stuck. I do not have a brake and I never seem to get full of it. Not only is it very frustrating, because I only feel more lamlendig. And yet I continue to eat those things. Stupid huh?! And it's also tricky because everyone has all sorts of tips on how and what I should eat (vegan and not vegan, paleo, keto, no carbohydrates for PCOS, but carbohydrates for the thyroid gland, not bananas and bananas). It's a frustrating thing and it makes me eat more than ever with food and no longer see the forest through all the banana trees. Unfortunately it all belongs and it is a process that I have to go through.

The challenge to a healthy life

I have every confidence that it is all right. It's only a slow process and I want women who also have a low-working thyroid and/or PCOS to give a realistic and honest picture. Dealing with these chronic diseases is not easy and every day it is a new challenge. A challenge that takes a lot of effort. Why does everyone seem to be able to function and eat healthily and eat everything they want? God, this sounds mega negative and that it might be a bit too. I just notice that all of this frustrates me quite well. That I just like to wish that I have come across all this and I am good and healthy in my skin, so that I can do the whole world and do the things that I like and are so dear.

Support people with thyroid abnormalities and PCOS

It certainly feels good to put this on ' paper ' and to share that this is not easy to handle and that if you deal with it yourself, it is OK to sometimes sit down at the packs and know that you are not the only one. And for those who know people who live with these diseases, support them as much as possible. Support them and be there for them. Even though you do not notice that something is wrong, that is not to say that everything goes well. Symptoms such as concentration problems, fears and mood swings can also play a role, which makes the life of someone with thyroid problems or PCOS not easier.

The taboo surrounding PCOS and Hypothyreoïde

I hope to have a booklet open about the taboo that exists around these diseases. The fact that PCOS is not a real syndrome and that the symptoms are vague and not ' real '. Or that you may not yet have a lot of loads of all sorts of things even though swallow your thyroid medication. Living with these diseases is heavy and we women can support each other in it! We are power women and by supporting each other we make each other's life just a little easier and we can all meet all around the world!


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