7 Yoga Exercises for bloating

Do you suffer from your metabolism? Bloating, gasification or abdominal cramps? These yoga exercises help you provide relief.

Chair pose with twist

Twists are very good against bloating and so you will see a lot of them back here. One of those exercises is the chair pose. To get into this pose you stand upright in mountain pose and poke your butt down in a squat while you put your arms in prayer pose over your head. Then twist to the right by placing your left elbow against your right knee and looking up at the same time. See if you can stay in this 15 count and repeat on the other side.

Bridge pose

The bridge pose is a popular pose and not only in yoga. You often see him also come back as good sports exercise because he is good for your glutes and your core. Besides being a good exercise for your muscles, it is also effective for your metabolism, thyroid gland and ovaries. You come into this pose by laying on your back and bringing your heels with knees bent as close to your butt as possible. Make sure your shoulders are well under your chest so you have enough space for your neck. Run pressure in your feet and bring your hips up. You can possibly fold your hands under your back. Repeat this 3x for 15 seconds.

Bridge pose with block

The same exercise as before, but with a block. You can place it upright or sideways, and a number of breaths remain on it. This feels very pleasant and it seems like you have a nice, flat stomach.

Extended Side Angle Pose

In This pose you come the easiest via a Warrior II pose. Step forward with your right leg in a lunge pose, where your right leg is bent 90 degrees and your left foot 90 degrees is twisted. Cross your arms horizontally before and after you. You are now in Warrior 2. Now Circkel with your right arm forward and place it on the ground or on a block on the outside of your straight leg. Insert your left arm in line with your left leg diagonally out and look up. Hold for 15 seconds and repeat on the other side.

Revolved Triangle Pose

Return to your Warrior II pose and then straighten your right leg so that it is straight. Circle your left arm this time down and place it on the outside of your right leg, straighten up your right arm straight up and look up. Hold for 15 seconds and repeat on the other side.

Thread the needle

Start this pose in table top by placing your knees above your hips and placing your hands under your shoulders. Twist by putting your right arm first in the air and then as a needle under your chest by sticking to the left side. You can possibly stretch your left arm. Hold for 15 seconds and repeat on the other side.

Reclined Twist

A fine exercise to end your sequence against bloating for Shavasana. Lie on your back and pull both knees inwards. Twist your knees then to the right so that they fall to the ground and place your arms sideways next to you. Also repeat on the other side. A variation is by leaving your left leg straight in front of you, pulling your right knee, and then arguing it to the side.

This short sequence with Vinyasa's Ertussendoor and Warrior II and high lunges really helps me to get my metabolism going and to feel enlightenment when I am suffering from my tummy and bloating. I hope you will also have a lot to do with these exercises.

* Pictures are from yogajournal.com *


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