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Eating too much: eating with your eyes

When we see yummy food, it is so easy to eat more than what we would like to. We instinctively eat with our eyes instead of with our body and therefore we can actually eat way more than you actually need. How can you stop eating too much?

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We are eating too much in our society

Unfortunately it is a fact that most of our people are overweight and unhealthy which can lead to so much diseases. Despite other life choices we make like not moving enough, a lot has to do with our food intake. We have drastically decreased our fruit and veg intake and we are not getting enough variety and nutrients in our body’s. Yet we eat more than ever. We are even eating too much. Too much of the things that don’t serve our bodies.

Is dieting the right solution?

No. Hell to the no. But it is about finding the right balance for you. There are many reasons as to why you can be overweight and eating too much and not getting enough nutrients in your body can be one of them. Instead of getting on an unrestricted diet, it is a good place to start as to why we actually eat too much every single time.

We eat from our eyes

When it comes to food, a lot of our senses are included. Our smell, taste, texture, sight, and even noise. I mean, think of crispy bacon sizzling in a pan, or someone opening the cupboard door, or your partner pulling open a bag of chips. Mouthwatering right there! And sometimes our senses play a little trick with us, leaving us to think that we are hungry when we are not. We let the amount of food on our plate, in a buffet or wherever, tell us how much we should eat. We rather listen to that than our actual body satiety cues, which are the messages between our brain and belly that say that we have enough. The more we look we our eyes to the amount of food we consume, the more we lose sense of where being full ends and where overstuffed begins.

We feel guilty

Another reason we eat too much is because we feel guilty. Guilty that we have to much food to consume and that there are people in the world without much food. We don’t like to waste food and so we eat it. The question is: what are you actually wasting? The food or your body? I hope you realise that your body is more important than some leftovers. You can always safe them in the fridge, but however you put it, saving or throwing away food won’t safe those other people.

We get overweight

Portions are about double or triple the size as what we had years ago. It will give us our money’s worth and we definitely won’t go starving, but do you really need that big bag of popcorn or is a little bit just fine? There is a significant relation found between the time that food portions increased and the amount of people that got obesity. Instinctively we think we need to eat it all because we never know when we are going to get another meal or the same food, but in reality we know that we live in a world abundant of food and that there is always enough for us to eat. The gap makes this so hard to eat enough for us.

How to eat less food

There are some easy ways that you can implement in your life to start eating less food.

  • Eat with your eyes closed
  • Eat with someone and have a good conversation
  • Eat mindfully and solely focused on the food without distractions
  • Be grateful for the food that you nurture your body with
  • Eat food sitting down at the table
  • Have food on a smaller plate
  • Pause in between bites

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