Ditch the Diet.

Stop the Food Struggles.

Diet after Diet

Are you that person that tried diet after diet, really wanting to lose that weight. Which either never happened, or when you did it, it just back after a while. Are you that person that just gets demotivated after a few days of putting yourself on a diet. Struggle with all these food related thoughts in your head? The feeling of failing when you’ve eaten something ‘wrong’ which makes you want to give up and eat even more and you’ll start going back on track on Monday. 

If this is you, I have got you covered girl!

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An eating lifestyle that works for you

What if you could finally find a lifestyle that fits you perfectly? That makes you truly happy? That will set you free of those compulsive thoughts related to foods like: 

  • How many calories are in here? 
  • Do I look fat in these clothes?
  • Is there enough protein in here? 
  • I can’t eat this
  • And many more…

And instead you want to feel like:

  • An empowered human being that can focus on the things that matter to you in life
  • Feel free because you don’t have to think ever if food is bad and how much you need to eat
  • In balance because you create a ‘diet’ lifestyle that you truly want
  • Enjoyced because you feel energized, sexy, happy and are thriving in life without having to deal with negative food thoughts and guilt

“A healthy lifestyle starts with your thoughts and beliefs around food. When you learn how to deal with them, you open up to a world where everything is possible where you are and deserve to be your best self.”

Why I can help you

Was that intro awfully accurate for you? It was for me. I was so obsessed with food, I only could think about when, what and how much I could eat again. What was hiding behind the cupboards and how I let food and restrictions control me. Constantly being consumed by the battle of dieting and losing weight. 

Through my coaching studies and experience I learned that being truly happy had nothing to do with  how much I weigh and all the food rules. It had everything to do with my thoughts and how I took care of myself.

And I want to help you to be the true you again too. To never feel controlled by food ever again and to gain your life back as it was supposed to be for you. To stop the sugar cravings, binge eating, frustration and weight gain. With overcoming binge eating myself and my coaching experience I can help you to create your life to enjoyce!

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Your mind will believe everything you tell it.
Feed it faith.
Feed it truth.
Feed it with love.

How it works

A new you in 4 weeks

Motivational Mails

Every day a motivational mail in your inbox that challenges your mindset and way of thinking.

Teachable Themes

Every week we focus on a new theme that will move you forward from overeating to freedom. From Awareness & Beliefs to Connection and Do it!

Supportive Steps

Every mail consists of relatable stories, empowering questions and achievable, small steps that will create the new you!

The Ditch the Diet Email Course

The Ditch the Diet course is for you when:

  • You like to have some accountability to move forward and overcome overeating every single day
  • You can’t seem to find the motivation to fully go for living a healthy lifestyle
  • You have the all or nothing mindset
  • You can’t say no to unhealthy things or things that are ‘wrong’
  • Your mind is always occupied with food, it controls your life
  • You feel guilty when you are eating too much or too unhealthy
  • You are not able to lose weight easily
  • You are willing to put in the work

After these 4 weeks you will:

  • Have your why for living a healthy lifestyle
  • Know what has been stopping you to overcome overeating
  • Have more control over your thoughts and how to change them
  • Be more connected with body, mind and spirit
  • Be more aware of what a healthy lifestyle is like for you
  • Make better food choices
  • Experience more freedom
  • Feel at peace in your mind and with your thoughts
  • Practice more self care
  • Lose or maintain weight because of all of this

Start now with your Life to Enjoyce

Ditch the diet, stop stressing, overcome overeating and work with me to a life where food is just food. To fuel you and where you can enjoy every bite and every piece of your body and self.

For only AU$ 49.95!

Overcome Overeating.
For forever. Right now.