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Create a Life to Enjoyce 2 – mindset shift & living in FLO

In this update I will be talking about my mindset shift and how I start to live more in flow with my body.

If you are wondering where part 1 is of Create a Life to Enjoyce, then you’re right. There isn’t one. Though there is a Project Comeback post. This is where I was starting Project Comeback. And though that is still what I am doing, after a month I realized that this name isn’t right. It shows that what I was doing before wasn’t good enough. As if I wasn’t good enough. And I don’t want to think that way. What I want is to rock every single day and to keep growing to become the best version of me. And whilst I did take a little break on that before, it didn’t mean that it wasn’t good. That is why I changed it to the baseline of my blog: creating a Life to Enjoyce. Creating the life that I truly want by taking little steps each and every day. In these updates I will update you on my progress and share my tips and tricks. If you want to have more motivation and updates on how you can create your own Life to Enjoyce, feel free to subscribe to my newsletter to get your motivation right in your inbox!

Changing my mindset

The last couple of months I was more in a mindset of I feel tired, and I am stressed, which caused me to live in a negative vibrance. I realized that when I keep on thinking that I am tired, that I would feel tired. And I guess nobody wants to feel that way right? Because as soon as I started to change my mindset around this I feel better! On days where I felt tired and kept telling myself I felt tired, I just couldn’t move forward and felt so sluggish. On days that I felt sluggish and tired and I told myself that it is okay to feel tired right now and that I choose to be energetic and vibrant and motivate myself with “I can do this”, I just rocked that day. Another example: at times where I want to catch a train and I am running late and think that I won’t make it in time, I won’t catch that train. But, on times where I think: ‘I can do this, I am going to catch that train and I am pushing my body and brain in order to catch that train, guess what? I am catching that train. It is so powerful and so true. Do you have a relatable story?

Living in Flow

There are the tides of the sea, there are seasons and there is the moon cycle. Everything on earth is connecting with each other, is in a cycle and is in flow. And because we consist up to 60% out of water, it is only logical that we are a part of this flow as well. Yet, we usually don’t live in flow. In this society, we tend to always live on high tide, in summer and in yang. If you always live like this, you’re imbalanced. We need low tide, winter and yin to survive and live in balance. I have learned that the hard way. Now that I have my period back, I got interested in how I can live more with my cycle instead of against it. Fun fact is that your menstrual cycle can and is often congruent with the moon phases. That is how I got in touch with the WomanCode by Alissa Vitti. This book gives you hands on tips on how to sync with your cycle and feel really good about yourself, energized and reach your highest potential. You will learn about live your best life and what type of exercise you should do and what food you should eat in each phase of your cycle. I started to apply these steps on my own life and I already see some great improvements and it also makes so much more sense. I highly recommend this book if you also struggle with balance in life (which I think is pretty much everybody haha).

Losing weight?

Even though I love to lose the weight I gained due to my illness and stress, it is not about this at the moment. As you can read my mindset and healing my body is more important to me. And I trust that when I improve that, the rest will come naturally. In the end it should not matter what I look like, as long as I am truly happy with myself. At this moment I don’t even know if I have lost weight already, which is so new to me, because measuring and weighing myself was always a big routine. What I do know is that I am proud of myself of all the changes that I am making, that I am improving in those and that I am grateful that I am really investing in myself.

I hope this update will help you to set some steps into place yourself and that you work on taking some small steps towards an even better you. I would love to hear from you and your progress! You can share it in the comments, you can find me on Instagram or send an email to And if you have any questions at all, please shoot me a message, I am here to help you!

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