avo on toast with tempeh and halloumi

Avo on toast with tempeh and haloumi

Who doesn’t love avo on toast? Call me a Melburnian or not, but this is literally my favorite lunch! And girl do I love the classic, still I like to spice it up sometimes. This time with some extra protein with some tempeh and vegan haloumi. Yes!

What do you need?

For 1 serving

  • 2 pieces of toast (gluten free)
  • 1/4 of a large avocado
  • pepper and salt
  • 50 gr tempeh
  • 1/2 tbsp coconut aminos
  • 1/4 tbsp maple syrup/honey
  • 50 gr (vegan) halloumi
avo on toast with tempeh and halloumi 2

How do you make the avo on toast?

  • Heat up a pan with some coconut oil
  • Cut the tempeh and haloumi into smaller pieces
  • Make a sauce of the coconut aminos and maple syrup
  • Grill the tempeh and haloumi into a pan and drizzle the sauce over it
  • Bake until the tempeh is brown and crispier
  • Roast the 2 pieces of bread in the toaster
  • Hope for a ripe avocado and smash it on the toast
  • Season with salt and pepper
  • Top the toast of with the tempeh and haloumi

Like I said. Avo on toast is the best lunch you can every imagine. Period! Here is Melbourne you cannot have a lunch cafe where you don’t have avo on toast on the menu. It’s a classic! And for good reason, because the creamy texture and rich taste of avocado with a good swirl of flavour from other ingredients is a luxurious lunch. And it is so funny, because even though it is fairly easy to make, I still like to order it every now and then at a cafe. Especially with poached egg which is something I can’t do properly. Or when they combine is with things like peas and apples. The combination I wouldn’t think off. Untill now, because here is the Life To Enjoyce version of avo on toast. All vegan with tempeh and haloumi. Yes finally a good haloumi I can eat after being dairy intolerant. It’s all about the little things in life right?!

avo on toast with tempeh and halloumi 3

So for this lunch you want to start with the tempeh and haloumi. Cut these in smaller pieces whilst warming up some coconut oil in a pan. Fry both the tempeh and the haloumi in the pan whilst you are making the sauce out of coconut aminos and maple syrup. If you are not vegan, you can also use some honey. Mix it all up and drizzle it over the tempeh. If you have more time you can actually marinate the tempeh in the sauce, but ain’t nobody got time for that right?! Let everything grill until it becomes nice and crispy and brown.

Meanwhile you can roast your bread in the toaster. Because of my intolerance I have to use gluten free bread, but feel free to use every whole grain, sourdough of whatever you please bread. Then it is surprise time to find out whether your avocado is ready to be put on bread. The best ones are ripe enough so that you can spread it as butter on your toast. Fingers crossed! So spread your avo on toast and then add some salt and pepper to taste. Top everything of with the tempeh and haloumi. Enjoyce!

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