3 strategies to have your dream body and life without a diet, overeating and overwhelm


Finding relief in food

Every time you experience stress, either consciously or unconsciously, you find your way to food. And when you’ve experience stress long enough, eventually this becomes a habit that is very tricky to overcome. Do you:

  • Eat everything in the cupboard when you had a tough day at work?
  • Crave pizza and chocolate when nothing else seems to help?
  • Go to the supermarket to specifically get food that makes you feel better?
  • Feel like you can’t control yourself around food (oh hi all you can eat buffet!)
  • Feel guilty or even hate yourself when you had too much food to eat? 
  • Give up on yourself when you fall of the bandwagon and have a piece of chocolate?
  • Always ‘start over’ on Mondays?
  • Feel like you’ve tried everything and nothing seems to work to lose weight and live a better life?

The freedom

Finding health & joy in food

The good news is that you can learn how to manage stress. And that you can change the habits that are not working for you into habits that do. Say goodbye to late night snacking, restrictive dieting and starting a new diet on Monday only to ‘fail’ again. My FREE pdf with 3 easy strategies will just do that. Do you want to:

  • Have better ways to deal with things in your life than indulging in too much food? 
  • Finally have a way to lose the weight and keep if off?
  • Live a balanced life full of confidence and energy?
  • See food as a healthy way and fuel not as a way to deal with your emotions?
  • Say goodbye to your consuming relationship with food and your diet?
  • Feel more relaxed and capable to do the things that really matter to you? 
  • Live more in the present and being able to eat anything you want?
  • Have an overall happier and healthier life?

"Joy is a decision, a really brave one, about how you are going to respond to life."

Wess Stafford


And why you want to apply them straight away 😉

1. They are strategies that you can apply anytime and anywhere (so no more excuses to not do it right now)

2. They have been tested by me, many other women and scientifically proven to have changed our lives and our relationship with food 

3. It will make you more aware of your current life and what you would like to change

4. Learn how to love and accept yourself more and fully

5. Learn fun ways to heal your relationship with food and live a happy life

6. Because if you have tried any diet, anything to lose the weight and anything to stop your overeating, what else have you got to lose? You only have one life. So stop waiting for it to change magically as if you are in a Disney movie. Take action right now to become that princess and don’t let time slip out of your hands. You have one life, so choose wisely how you want to spend it!

how this free ebook has worked for others

"An hour after reading this ebook, I felt immediate relief, finally some good strategies that really helped me become aware of why I haven't been able to stop stress eating. It is amazing how much inspiration this has given me to keep going and change."
- Maria K.

"I thought I knew a lot of tools to manage my overeating better, but this list of strategies really helped me a lot. I love how easy and fun they are and that there is always a strategy that I can think of when I feel like eating or experience hunger. Thanks Joyce!"
- Alicia M.

"I have been using the strategies for over a month now and I can clearly notice a difference. I feel more relaxed and even though I definitely haven't stopped emotional eating, it definitely reduced the amount of times I have been doing it. I got so excited and inspired to really change my life that I started coaching with Joyce through this, which is the best step I couldn't have taken to finally say goodbye to my current relationship with food and my diet. Best break-up ever!!!"
- Kirsten T.

Get ready to reconnect to yourself

be free from food and diets
live free with confidence and balance