Joyce Diebels

Welcome, I'm Joyce

My mission is to help women have a happy relationship with food again through easy, yet empowering mindset and inner work so that they can truly live a cheerful, confident life and they love and accept themselves. 

I am thriving towards a world where diets aren’t needed anymore to feel good and successful about yourself, where we can say goodbye to the weight stigma that society caries and create a vision where each and every body is accepted and women empower themselves and others.

I can help you if:

  • You don’t feel good enough or confident with yourself and your body
  • Feel like you will only be happy and successful once you’ve lost your weight
  • You have tried everything and hundreds of diets without any lasting results
  • You dive into the cupboards and the fridge as soon as you’re stressed, sad, bored, anxious and you can’t seem to stop eating
  • You mindlessly snack a whole bag of chips, tub of ice cream and more away
  • You feel guilty and angry at yourself after overeating
  • You want to feel confident about yourself and your body
  • You want to live a motivated life with healthy habits that stick
  • You want to live your fulfilling Life to Enjoyce right now
  • You are ready to finally break that cycle and finally conquer your food cravings. Once and for all!

"Joy is a decision, a really brave one, about how you're going to respond to life"

Frank Lloyd Wright

Here’s my story 

I have been right where you are right now. Emotionally eating ever since I was 4 and it lasted me 20 years to finally break my cycle. 

How badly I wanted to choose a healthier option, I kept binging and grazing all these foods, stuffing it into my mouth as if it was taken away from me after and I would never had a chance to eat it again. 

The worst part? I didn’t even enjoy it! I only felt guilty and even more frustrated. It happened again and I was once again one step further away from my healthy dream body. 

I tried diet after diet, putting myself on strict regimes. I drank heaps of water, I tried low carb and paleo. I put foods into measured snack bags and counted calories. I tried eating mindfully, go for a walk or any other distractions that kept me from eating. Yet IT DIDN’T WORK. 

I was desperate. I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and PCOS and I had a lot of symptoms and gut issues that didn’t help my diet either. I didn’t know what to do anymore. I came to the point where I had given up.

Or did I?

Instead of focusing on yet another diet and be a perfectionist on planning my diet through and through, I started focusing on personal development, mindset work and my life coaching studies. 

After a while, I felt a huge transformation within me. I remember looking in the mirror, smiling at myself and thinking: you look good and you are beautiful. And REALLY mean it!

I felt a true happiness within me that I’ve never experienced before. After hating myself, being insecure and thinking I am not good enough, I now can proudly say that I love and accept myself, have made a huge sprint in my confidence and most of all: I don’t have any cravings anymore!!

I crave a cheerful life. A confident life. I am craving and living my Life to Enjoyce.

Once I figured out how to do it, I and kept continously working on myself and dieting my mindset instead of actually dieting, I finally overcame my cravings within 3 months!


Now I am here to do the same for you.

Today, I coach beautiful, ambitious women like YOU how to finally confidently conquer their cravings and proudly reconnect with themselves. I’ve helped women all over the world to make a huge, sustainable change in just a few months. 

By using different NLP, EFT and coaching techniques I have developed a method to work with your subconscious mind to let go of limiting beliefs and trapped emotions that are holding you back from overcoming cravings. Call it a gentle, fun and effective diet plan for your mind!

My goal is to serve YOU and show you that anything is possible if you open your mind to it. Don’t let yourself be consumed by food, negative thoughts and beliefs anymore. Consume yourself with the things and thoughts that benefit you. Once you’ve found your inner spark again, the outside spark will happen naturally.


Songs in my Head

I love singing and I am also performing in a female pop choir. If not singing with them, I love to perform a home karaoke and I feel at my best when I think in songs whilst I am having conversations with my friends. Okay, I don’t only think them, I also blur out the song. Express yourself!

Foodie at Heart

I LOVE food! Which didn’t make it easier when I emotionally ate and binged. But girl do I love it :). I love to cook and create new recipes. Years ago I even catered yummy and healthy meals for my colleagues, so much fun! And another favorite hobby? Trying as many different brunch places as I can in Melbourne!

Penguin Lover

Penguins are my favorite animals! My friends know this very much so and they often gift me penguin related presents. I have quite a penguin collection now :). I am also surrounded by quite a few of penguin colonies here in Melbourne. And I’m even a Little Penguin volunteer, which is such a beautiful thing to do!

How long do you want to be at war with yourself?

How many more days do you want to keep overeating foods? Or do you take action RIGHT NOW? This is your next step. Download my free ebook ‘Always Crust Your Instincts’ and get started with the 3 strategies to finally confidently conquer your cravings. End the war and choose fun and a peach of mind ;). You deserve it!