Hi there and how lovely that you’re interested in me and my story. Let’s properly introduce myself. I am Joyce, Life Coach in training and it is my passion to help people reach their highest potential. My blog Life to Enjoyce is one of the platforms I’d love to inspire people to do so. The reason for this lies in the fact that I am dealing with the auto immune disease hypothyroidism and PCOS, which made me realize that life is too short to not be happy.

Joyce Diebels

life to enjoyce

Let’s jump back in time to 2007 when I was still in High School and the only thing I wanted to do was to sleep. I’ve always been a kid who was happy and jumping around and suddenly my bubbly me was gone. When I started to faint a lot, I went to the doctor and there it was: my diagnosis of hypothyroidism. I got put on medication and it took a long time before I was stable again. In that time I also dealt with gaining a lot of weight which really didn’t help my symptoms either. 

After that I followed diet after diet to lose the weight. I did succeed, but still I didn’t feel better. I kept craving sugary foods and let’s not talk about exercising. I was never a good eater and a tablespoon of veggies a day was a lot to me. That’s when I knew something needed to change and where I really started my health journey.

I did heaps of research towards thyroid diseases and found that a lot of patients still experience a lot of symptoms even though their blood results are positive. I tried to reduce my own symptoms by exchanging all the processed foods for whole foods, food that actually nourished my body. I also started doing strength training more, which really helped me to tone my body more. I remember that eating paleo and low in carbs helped me to feel good most.

Living this way went perfect for a while, until I noticed that I still didn’t feel my best and I didn’t get more toned. On top of that I seemed to get super sensitive towards certain foods and felt gassy, bloated and cramped most of the time. My hormones seemed inbalanced too and nobody wanted to help me. After reading tons of stories I tried to quit my anticonception pill in February 2018.

I once used the Diana pill and after switching that one my acne came back before I could say pimple, my whole face and back was inflamed. I tried Roaccutane but for me this was a short term solution. I was desparate and had to try something else. If only I knew what would happen next. Besides the acne, I lost my period for over a year and I got hirsutism (hair overgrowth).

In the beginning I thought this was normal, because I was eating healthy right? As it kept on going, I had to eat gluten free and dairy free to clean my tummy issues. This helped a little, but still I wasn’t progressing. Three doctors, a naturopath, and endocrinologist and an ultrasound later I finally got the answer that I have been looking for: I have PCOS, polycystic ovarian syndrome. Currently I am still working on my journey in healing from PCOS and my thyroid disease. With my blog Life to Enjoyce I want to take you along my journey in living my happiest and healthiest life so that you can learn from my mistakes and reach your highest potential. And as a Life Coach to be, I hope to inspire many people living my dream goal with me: a Life to Enjoyce!