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What fun that you are interested in Life to Enjoyce Schoonheids and myself! To give you a good and realistic picture of my blog and my story, it is good to return to 2007, the year that hypothyroidism was diagnosed with me.

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Life to Enjoyce Schoonheids

A big leap back to 2007 takes us to the moment I was still in high school and the only thing I wanted was to sleep as soon as I got out of school. I had always been a jumping happy child and all of a sudden this was gone. When I also started to faint the oats, I went to the doctor and I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism. Then it took a long time before my medication struck well. At that time I also dealt with overweight and an underactive thyroid didn't really help. 

A few years later I had followed diet after diet and although I had fallen off here and there, I still didn't feel better. I kept falling back to the sugary chocolates, ice creams and biscuits and didn't really like sports either. Moreover, I was the person who actually always ate badly and a tablespoon of vegetables a day already found much. However, I knew what had to change and my health journey started there really.

I decided to throw the helm and learned that very many thyroid patients, despite the medication, still have many struggelen with different symptoms that prevent them from leading their best lives. I made a very big impact I was not only playing sports, but also doing strength training, which gave me a much more tone. And on dining area? There I skip the packets and bags of culture, cooked and ate much more wholesome and of course food. Especially the period that I ate paleo and carbohydrate poorer made for much progress in me to feel my best. 


This approach actually went well for a long time, until I noticed that how much effort I put into me, I didn't feel better and also lost weight. At the same time I switched that period of contraceptive pill because I wanted to stop the Diana pill. Because of this, my acne which I had been suffering from since young teenager, I have tried everything, but the acne and all my other problems remained. 

Flash forward to 10 years later where at the end of 2017 suddenly I got loads of abdominal problems like bloating, cramps and gasification. No one could do anything about it and in the meantime I felt worse and worse. That's why I had to be forced to eat gluten free and dairy free and I completely stopped taking birth control. This resulted in addition to acne in other problems such as excessive hair growth and no menstruation of more than a year. In the beginning I thought that everything was still in my mind and I could fixing it myself, because I ate healthy anyway, and I was doing well for myself? 

I eventually enlisted the help of a naturopath to heal my problems in a natural way instead of a regular doctor because they only took away my problems with medication instead of taking the cause. At the moment we are still busy to see what is wrong with me and how we can best tackle this. 

With Life to Enjoyce schoonheids I hope to inspire you with my personal stories and how you can get the optimal and best out of your body and life to lead your best life and learn from the mistakes I made so that you don't have to make them. In addition, I hope to be able to help you even better because at the moment I am also working on a training course to Life Coach and so hope to be able to help many people to achieve their goals in the best possible way. With the main goal of course: live a life to Enjoyce Schoonheids!


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