A Life to Enjoyce April: Guus Meeuwis & Sydney

April was a month to never forget with as highlight Koningsdag celebrating with Guus Meeuwis in Sydney!

LTW Panda

Melbourne is a city of many festivals and food truck occasions. Every weekend there is something to do. There was also the Light Festival that was in the sign of China.

LTE Light Festival

And that looked very colorful and beautiful!

LTW Light Festival Melbourne

Cute right? There were several stillages like this and a stage where we performed Chinese with vocals, music and dance.

LTE Wall Climbing

Long story short. Since I got back to Melbourne, my work, study and health have been quite stressful. At one point that didn’t stop, so I decided to au pair for a family with less hours and some older children. A quieter environment and a family where I personally am more in stride because they think the same thing about things.

LTE upunlimited Climbing

When I moved it was autumn holidays and so the children were nice and free. A good time to get to know them right away and find my own boundaries right away. We went to wall climbing and because I did not have so many armkracht and altitudes sometimes pretty scary, this was a challenge. A challenge I have overcome! I too have climbed and the abseiling and letting go was confrontational, but in the end it gave such a kick to do this!

LTE Brunch Elsternwick

Most weekends take place thus. I have friends who are going to brunch for a good chat. And this day was so radiantly beautiful that we then stuck an afternoon beach on it. What a life huh!

LTE Flying Bear Sydney

Then it was Koningsdag! A day I celebrated with my girlfriend Manon in Sydney. We stayed in the beautiful district of Kirribilli where we brunched right on the water. Instant Holiday feeling instantly!

LTE Kingsday Sydney

Obviously our orange outfits could not be left behind, because we were going to celebrate Koningsdag in a very special way.

LTE Kingsday Sydney 3

That is, together with Guus! Guus Meeuwis was flying all the way to Sydney to perform with Koningsdag.

LTE Kingsday Sydney 2

Together with nearly 3000 other Dutch people we made a true party. The atmosphere was fantastic and from the Polonaise walk on by rail and jump on the thunders and it lightnings up to the arms waving and roaring rock Brabant. I don’t think I’ve celebrated Koningsdag ever so great!

LTE Kingsday Sydney 4

Me in my happy place. In the Orange! The concert took place at the Luna Park, a kind of fairground and mini amusement park. Great location.

LTE Opera House

Of course we also visited all the highlights of the city. Manon had never been here before, so the Opera House, botanical Gardens and the Harbour Bridge have passed the revue.

LTE Bondi Beach

The day after the concert we visited and relaxed at Bondi Beach and we did a piece of the coastal walk.

LTE Spit Bridge to Manly Walk 2

I stayed some extra days in Sydney and decided to do some new things. One of them was a hike from Spit Bridge to Manly. Which runs along the water and is beautiful as you can see!

LTE Spit Bridge to Manly Walk

They say the route is about 10 kilometers but you do it for 3 to 4 hours. That is certainly true, only at the end of the day I had walked about 16 kilometers haha. The route certainly felt longer, but it was worth it every step!

LTE Cockatoo Island 5

From Manly you can catch the ferry back to the land and from the boat you get a beautiful view of the Opera House and the bridge. It was just after sunset, so I had mega good luck with the light! Funny detail, I was calling my mother when this photo was taken and we eventually had a discussion because she was literally on the line when someone took this picture and it had been very funny if she had called ‘ BoE! ‘:).

LTE Cockatoo Island Sydney

On my last day in Sydney I was meeting with my American girlfriends Libby and Kelly who I probably wouldn’t see because they both went back to America.

LTE Cockatoo Island 4

They took me to Cockatoo Island, a small island located in the bay and of course you come here by ferry.

LTE Cockatoo Island 3

There are no more cockatoos to be found here (although we eventually saw them loudly over our heads when we were back in the Botanical Gardens), because the island was used as a shipyard during the Second World War.

LTE Cockatoo Island 2

So many ships were built here for WW2 and there you see mainly the remnants of where you can learn a lot about by means of an audio tour and boards. In addition, many convicts have been sent here and thrown into cells in the ground without any kind of humanity. As bizarre as you hear and read about this.

LTE Cockatoo Island

Besides the history, Cockatoo Island is especially a beautiful and instagrammable place to be. The colours and the light are beautiful and we have had a very nice time here. Definitely a must! Do you want to know more about what you can do in Sydney? Read this article about my 10 favorite things in Sydney?


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