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7 apps to work on your personal development

Personal development is something I breath every single day. I think there’s isn’t a single day that goes by where I haven’t learned anything to grow as a person and to implement this at the same time. If you are open to learning more and to develop yourself, but you don’t have any idea where to start, these apps I currently use will hopefully help you out!

1. Apps on your Samsung Phone

I love my Samsung phone and I have been using one for many years <3. As my phone is already pretty old, it doesn’t always have a lot of space left for all the apps. Samsung has beautiful apps already installed on your phone that can help you to live a better life. One of them is Samsung Health that has a great variety of things to improve your health. You can set daily life goals, work on your sleep quality, calorie and water intake and there are many different workout videos and meditations to try. Apps like Samsung Health is definitely one of the reasons why I love using a Samsung. It is user friendly, a great camera and I feel like my phone is just an extension of me and my personality. If you are looking for your next phone, then have a look at the website of T-Mobile to find some amazing Samsung phones that will suit your needs in a phone.

2. Presently Gratitude Journal

If you have been following me for a while, you know that I love love love keeping a gratitude journal. It makes me feel thankful for the day and it also helps me to feel more grateful for the things that I didn’t take for granted at first and to focus on the more positive things and really feel it, instead of staying stuck in the negative. It is the most effective way to rewire your brain and Presently Gratitude Journal just does that!

3. Trello

Trello is a amazing website and tool to plan your calendar and to do’s. You can even do it with a team as well and also there is the app function! I mostly use it to plan out my content calendar and I use to app to basically braindump every idea that comes up during the day and whenever because I always have my phone on me. And because it is connected to the web based version, it is also very easy to reorganise and use it on your laptop. I love it because I could set up my planner how I like it and how it suits my goals. Definitely my favorite ‘new’ app in 2020 for me.

4. Noom

As a life coach aiming to help women with losing weight and take control over their diet, I like to learn and improve myself on this as much as possible. Noom is a proven psychology-based approach that identifies and teaches you about deep-rooted thoughts and creates a plan with a community for you to create long lasting results. It is a great place to start when learning about your mindset behind changing your diet and I love their science based and funny pun approach. It is a low key approach to try when you’re not yet ready for a full 1-on-1 coaching approach to really create the results that you haven’t yet been able to on your own.

5. Blinkist

If you are a reader like me and you want to become better and smarter in a blink of an eye (see what I did there ;)), then Blinkist is a great app to try. I have a very long list of books that I still want to read and it is also dreading at the same time. With Blinkist, you can get the essence and best learnings of a whole book in just 15 minutes. And you’ve always got 15 minutes right?! In this way you can learn a lot from heaps of books and also read the whole book if it really does interest you.

6. Lumosity

I love learning and training my brain. I think ever since my family got a computer (that time when floppy disks were still a thing), I have always wanted to play games that would teach me something (hello nerd haha). And apart from The Sims and RollerCoaster Tycoon, that is what I still truly enjoy. Lumosity is just that. Playing science-based games to challenge your memory, attention, speed, flexibility and problem solving. Learning whilst having fun is the best way to go!

7. Meditation Moments

Another app that I have been loving and got a subscription on, is the Meditation Moments app by Michael Pilarczyk. This is a Dutch app with guided Dutch meditations, led by the beautiful voice of Michael. The meditations are easily categorised for any moment of the day and go from 5 to 60 minutes. There is also beautiful musical mediations and binaural beats. I have used many different meditation apps, but this is by far my favorite. If you aren’t Dutch, I then can also recommend Insight Timer.

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