5 tips to manage stress

5 tips to better manage your stress

STRESS!!! I am prone to stress a lot and very easily. That is why it is really important for me to go through life as relaxed as I can, even when life throws things at me. Today I will share my ways and ways of thinking that helped me to manage my stress better and turn into a chill koala :).

1. Stress and hurdles are part of life

If something aweful happened in my life, whether that was because somebody I loved dearly past or that I can out of bed with the wrong foot, I could really hold onto those feelings. From why does this happen to me all the time, can’t I get a break to being very depressive and giving myself the blame of every single thing that went wrong. If there is something that I’ve learned these last couple of years is that you don’t get anything from staying stuck and focusing on everything that goes wrong in your life. The moment I starting switching to possiblities and what is going right in my life, I felt so much relaxed and free. Changing my mindset helped me to be more positive and also realising that life isn’t always about roses and being on a high. Experiencing moments in my life that aren’t happy and accepting that stress and not being able to control every aspect of my life is something that is normal. If you want a big life than big emotions are a part of it too and you are the only one who can make a difference in this!

2. Put your problems in perspective

I dropped my phone and it left me with a big scratch in my screen. Such a bummer! A couple of years back I would be so mad and sad about an incident like this. How stupid could I be to drop such an expensive phone? Something that I’ve learned along the way with working with kids is to think: is it a big or a small problem? And: can I fix it? The scratches were eventually a small problem. Yes it’s not pretty but it is still working properly and there are way worse problems that I can have in my life. Now I only had this. I could fix it by getting a new one, but a new phone cover and some extra protection foil did the trick as well. It was an accident and what happened happened. Nothing much I can do about it so I might as well move forward. Of course I was disappointed for a second, but way less that I ever thought I would be!

3. Deal with stress in a healthy way

Admit it: do you really feel better if you eat a whole bag of chips or when you eat heaps of fruit and veg? I have to agree that it is way easier to reach for junkfood that will make you feel better. But just for a little while and it’s short-term. Eating healthy foods will make you feel really and actually good on the long run. And when you’re stressed it’s even more important to take extra good care of yourself. When you notice you are getting stressed, make sure you take the time for a walk, exercise and choose the right foods for you. For me yoga, meditation and enough sleep helps too. If I had a really stressful day, I make sure I am extra gentle with myself and make time for self care. I can end the day for example with a relaxing yoga sequence, a meditation, breath work, a cup of tea or just going to bed early. This really helps to wind down and manage your stress.

4. You are always responsible for your own choices

Ate junkfood again? Sat in front of the tv the whole night? Or did you go to that party that you actually didn’t even want to go to to begin with and you regret going? Every day you make hundreds of choices, but only you are responsible for making those choices. It is very easy to let your guard down and to go along with old habits or pressure of other people. People who are mentally strong are very conscious that they are the only ones who are really responsible for the choices they are making. If you are stressed and you feel guilty about the fact that you eat too much (junkfood) because of that, then work on making better choices. Work on your conscious power to change your mindset. Take it day by day and step by step. Think: what can you do NOW to change this moment and which choice do you make? Do you choose taking good care of yourself, maybe losing weight and reduce your stress and a healthier body? Than choose to eat an apple with some almonds and throw the bag of chips in the bin. This sounds very simple, and in the end it is. Things don’t have to be difficult!

5. Always look on the bright side of life

Even though you are currently in a stressful situation, or you just feel down for whatever reason, there is always a positive side to the story. Like literally every single thing that happened to me had a positive outlook. Getting a burnout and being forced to leave my job, let to following my dream and moving to Melbourne. Stressing about lockdown and suddenly having to move, let to more me time and a gorgeous own little studio. These were moments where many things happened at once and I didn’t understand why it had to happen to me and how I had to get out of this. Lesson 1 was to learn that I don’t have the control over every situation. Lesson 2 was accepting that some things just happen and that they’re not for forever. Lesson 3 was to be grateful for the things I do have and had, especially for the friends and family that helped me to get through it. Lesson 4 was the most important one. It taught me that things happen for a reason and often more than not to teach you something. I came out a stronger and more positive person with even a clear vision of where I’m meant to be going next.

Manage your stress

Keep on believing in yourself and try to see the positive side of every situation. And another one: tomorrow there’s another day. A new day where you can take the best out of everything, to make the best choices for you and to grow. Even if it is just a teeny-tiny bit. Today didn’t go as planned? Analyse what didn’t go well for you and try something different tomorrow. Hopefully this will help you to manage your stress. Relax, take care of yourself and enjoyce the ride!

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