5 tips for when you feel unhappy

Are you in a dip and can’t you seem to get out of your state of feeling unhappy? I am here to the rescue! I am sharing my 5 tips for when you feel unhappy.

People see me often as this bubbly, happy, positive person. Which I love that they say that about me and this is true most of the time. However, I am not always happy. I have my downs in life, I have things that go unplanned, things that ruin my day or even a longer period of time. I am not always happy and neither are you. This is life and totally okay.

Sometimes I am aware that I am staying too long in the state of unhappiness. Like a downward spiral. I feel overwhelmed, unhappy, tired and useless. Life is too hard and the only thing I wanna do is to escape, to not take part in life for a bit. So here is what I do in these situations and I hope they will help you too!

1. Accept the situation

Accepting the fact that I am unhappy right now is usually the first step. I did have the intention to ask myself like why can’t I be happy, why do I feel like this always (of course it is not always). Instead I learned to accept that this is how I sometimes feel too and that this is totally okay. I see it like this: to really feel and enjoy the highs in my life, I need to accept and learn that there are lows in my life as well.

2. Take a decision

Once you accept how you are feeling, it is time to take a decision and ask yourself the following question: would you rather stay unhappy and stay in this situation as it is, or do you want to feel happy and change? I hope you choose the latter. If this is still difficult for you, ask yourself the following:

  • What is the best that can happen from the situation now?
  • What is the worst that can happen from the situation now?
  • What is the best that can happen with the future situation?
  • What is the worst that can happen with the future situation?

Reflect on these questions, write down your answers and make a choice.

3. Begin with baby steps

Like a baby can’t run from the moment he manages himself to stand up, neither can you. And maybe that is just the first step that you need to take. To stand up. To stand up from the couch, turn of Netflix and have a little stroll outside. Notice the nature, the sounds, the people, the smells and all the other things that you notice. Put a smile on your face and let the stroll be your present.

Or maybe you go and do some little things in the house. Tidy up, do the dishes and laundry to keep yourself busy and making yourself useful. Or do something that makes you happy. Bake something. Do some mindful coloring. Or my favorite: do a happy dance on your favorite music.

4. Practice being grateful

I know you feel like you’re in a dip and nothing is making you happy. Ask yourself if that is really true. Is there really nothing that you can be happy and grateful about? Think about it and write down your thoughts. Maybe you are happy about something sweet that somebody said or did. Maybe you are happy because the sun is shining, you made your bed today, you got a meaningful and loving hug or you had an incredible shower and put some fresh washed clothes on. Sometimes it is the little things in life that can make you feel really grateful.

5. Move forward

You already made a choice in what direction you want your life to be in, you took some baby steps to get you to stand up and you’ve practiced being grateful. I hope that makes you feel a little bit better. Now it is time to really move forward. Think about where you want to be and decide for yourself what that looks like and when you want to be in that situation realistically. Then write down every single, tiny step that will help you to get there. Schedule them into your calendar to hold yourself accountable and let’s move forward. It might not seem like a big thing, but every step you make, every breath you take, it will help, I promise. Trust the process and take it day by day.

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