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21 easy tools to deal with stress & anxiety in a difficult time

Hard times ask for soft solutions. When you are going through a rough time, that brings a lot of stress, anxiety and uncertainty along. Things we want to reduce as much as possible. That is why I have created a free ebook for you that includes 21 easy tools to deal with stress & anxiety in a difficult time.

Reduce your stress & anxiety

This free ebook is created to help you to guide you through difficult times. This can be anything. From a burnout or losing your job, to losing a loved one or other situations that bring up stress and anxiety for you.

When something bad happens, it is easy to stay stuck in those feelings of stress, anxiety and depression. Listening to those thoughts that are negative and won’t really help you. Staying stuck in worst case scenario’s, broken sleeps and complaining about how bad the situation is.

Fight or flight response

This is very natural due to how our brain is wired. Complaining and being negative isn’t necessarily your fault. It goes way back to when we experienced a lot of stress when we were still hunters. When we came across a dangerous animal we had three options: fight, freeze or flee. All three of them increase your cortisol levels which then creates stress in your body and mind.

Nowadays we experience way more stress every single day compared to coming across that dangerous animal. This can be something major like a burnout, but also stressing about all the to do’s you need to do, wondering why this friend hasn’t responded back or why you don’t have that many likes on your Insta post. It might not seem like it, but your body responds the same way to all these situations as being eye to eye with a tiger.

How to reduce every day stress?

So how can you make sure that you can eliminate or reduce those tigers that you come across every single day? You can make sure not to engage in that jungle of stress, but life is life and you will have to deal with stress eventually. Having an armor of tools that will become habits so you can implement them whenever you experience stress or anxiety is your way to go.

Negative thoughts = more negative thoughts

We also have a fight or flight response to stress and our brains to top up negative thoughts with more negative thoughts. So if you are used to thinking negatively, blaming or judging yourself or others, you will keep on doing this. You have the amazing choice to stop the negativity and learn how to deal with stress. Happiness is a choice and every opportunity you have to deal with, gives you, and only you, the choice to choose differently. To choose happiness and positivity. And that, my dear friend, is how you create a Life to Enjoyce and deal with difficult times.

Take the time to change

Having said that, it’s not easy to make this change, especially when you have responded to things a certain way for a long time. That’s why I love to help you to create a stress free and relaxed life with these 21 tools. Also, support is so important when you’re dealing with difficult times. That’s why I have created my programs and the Life to Enjoyce Community Group,¬†where you can chat, ask questions and be inspired by me and other likeminded people who are dealing with the same challenges whilst on their journey to create a Life to Enjoyce. Join the community, we have your back!

Download your Free Ebook!

You can easily download your ebook 21 Easy Tools To Deal With Difficult Times for free right here! I hope this is going to help you reduce your anxiety and stress and get closer to a Life to Enjoyce

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