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What does it matter?

I have tried so hard, I have tried every diet and I still fail. Instead of losing weight, I gain it. I will never be thin. I will fail anyways,  so what does it even matter? I’ll just eat whatever and how much I want. I will never succeed.

Does this resonate with you lovely? You have always been dieting. Trying every diet on earth. To lose the weight and to feel better. Leaving you frustrated, angry and with the extra weight. You feel miserable and start overeating. You see no more way out. 

If this is you, I have got you covered girl!

1 on 1 coaching 4
1 on 1 coaching 3

Creating a healthy relationship with food together

The thing is, you don’t have to do it alone. You already have tried so hard without getting the result you really want. What if you can get:

  • A life of full of freedom and peace.
  • To fully accept and love yourself and your body.
  • A life where you never have to diet again.
  • The balance with eating the foods you want without any restrictions.
  • Connected with your body so you know what it needs and when you are hungry

And finally stop:

  • Binge eating as soon as you feel stressed, tired or anxious?
  • Eating until your plate is empty
  • Thinking constantly about your next meals
  • Feeling constantly hungry, tired and in a sugar rush
  • And many more…
“Embrace and love your body, it is the most amazing thing you will ever own.”

Why I can help you

Was that intro awfully accurate for you? It was for me. I was so obsessed with food, I only could think about when, what and how much I could eat again. What was hiding behind the cupboards and how I let food and restrictions control me. Constantly being consumed by the battle of dieting and losing weight. 

Through my coaching studies and experience I learned that being truly happy had nothing to do with  how much I weigh and all the food rules. It had everything to do with my thoughts and how I took care of myself.

And I want to help you to be the true you again too. To never feel controlled by food ever again and to gain your life back as it was supposed to be for you. To stop the sugar cravings, binge eating, frustration and weight gain. With overcoming binge eating myself and my coaching experience I can help you to create your life to enjoyce!

1 on 1 coaching 2

Be willing
to do whatever it takes
to be a warrior
for you own health.

How it works

A new you in 16 weeks

Always Accountable

Changing your life is really hard. Changing your relationship with something you have to deal with every day is even harder. I make sure you follow up on your actions.

Energizing Empath

Because of my history with binge eating and dieting, I know what you are going through. With my natural positivity I will pull you through the good and the bad times and holding a mirror up for you.

Supportive Steps

Through a personal plan with a fortnightly coaching session and your own goals and stepping stones, we will work on what is holding you back and erase the limiting beliefs, leaving a new you!

The 1-on-1 Coaching

1-on-1 coaching with 8 sessions fortnightly is for you when:

  • You need the extra accountability and support to move forward and overcome overeating every single day
  • You have no idea anymore what to do next
  • You want to overcome overeating and stop dieting
  • You are unhappy with yourself and/or the way you look
  • Your life is controlled by dieting and constant thoughts about food
  • You freak out when you eat too much processed foods
  • You are really willing to put in the work

After these 16 weeks you will:

  • Feel more relaxed with your body
  • Know which foods will work for you
  • Have more control over your thoughts and how to change them
  • Be more connected with body, mind and spirit
  • Know when you are hungry and when you are craving food
  • Know how to deal with what has been causing you to overeat
  • Accept yourself and your body
  • Feel at peace in your mind and with your thoughts
  • Lose or maintain weight because of all of this

Start now with your Life to Enjoyce

Ditch the diet, stop stressing, overcome overeating and work with me to a life where food is just food. To fuel you and where you can enjoy every bite and every piece of your body and self.

For only AU$ 480!

Overcome Overeating.
For forever. Right now.