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061: Organise your mind for less overthinking, overwhelm and stress

When we are in our mind a lot, we overthink and that usually will lead to more overwhelm and stress. Worrying about things that aren’t there and focusing on things that aren’t really a problem. This is only attract more negativity. So how can you organise your mind so that you attract more positivity, a peace of mind and calm?

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Organise your mind like it is your god damn closet

On a daily basis we can so many triggers in our mind. Together with 70.000 thoughts, it gets pretty damn full. And even though 95% of these thoughts are the same as yesterday, if we have too many thoughts that don’t serve us, it is not getting us anywhere. It takes up unnecessary energy and we occupy our brain with things that don’t really matter.

It is like cleaning up our closet. If it is stuffed with many clothes and stuffed, you can’t find anything, it looks distorted for your brain to look at and it just doesn’t make you happy. And probably it is full of things that you don’t even need or use. So what do you do? You take everything out of the closet, make piles of what you want to keep and to give away or bin and put only the things back in the closet that you love to keep. Neat and organised. Maybe on color, maybe on season or clothing piece.

How to organise your mind

The best way to organise your mind is treating it like your closet. By taking everything out. By keeping it in your mind, it just stays tangled and unclear. The best way to do it yourself is by journaling. Basically you’re just having a braindump of everything that you think without thinking about what you are writing. You just do. Afterwards the analysing takes place. Are these thoughts serving you? Are they aligned with the person who you want to be? Only put the positive thoughts and ideas back in your mind and let go of the things that don’t serve you. You can do this by burning the piece of paper to spirituality help you with this process. Or you can have a coach which will really help you with this process of organising your thoughts and challenging your beliefs.

A clear mind for better health and feeling good in your body

This is just the beginning of your health journey. Your mind is one of the most powerful things you can possess and one of the biggest influences in your life. It can literally make and break your life. How would it feel like to feel good each and every day, have a body that you thrive in and a mindset that is so empowering and at ease, that is sometimes even scares you ;). Ready to learn more on how you can achieve any goal you like with the right mindset and hold yourself accountable?

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