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059: How to really keep your New Years Resolutions in 2021?

We start each year with good hope. This will be the year I really change. To then reflect at the end of the year, realising nothing really happened. How is that possible and how can we keep our New Years Resolutions for 2021?

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Keep your New Years Resolutions in 2021

About 80% of the people who set a goal or resolution, fails after 2 weeks. And if you are living in Australia, the chances are that none of your goals will be existent after Australia Day. How is this possible? The most common mistakes are:

  • Not having a SMART goal
  • Not having a plan
  • Not having a deadline
  • Not committed and motivated enough
  • Not the right mindset

Stick to your New Years Resolutions

And to have the first 4 that I mentioned, a great and positive mindset is necessary. If you have been setting goals and resolutions for years without any luck. If you have been saying, oh I’ll start living healthier after the holidays or any other excuse and you really want to change this. Then check this out and how I can help you to rewire your brain so that you can stand in your power and live the life you dream of and deserve.

Prep for your New Years resolutions

Let’s make a start in getting into the right headspace for keeping your new years resolutions in 2021.

  • What is it that your truly want if nothing mattered and if you knew that you couldn’t fail?
  • What is the biggest struggle in this, what is holding you back ?
  • What is the feeling you have associated with your goal? How do you want to feel and can you focus on this feeling and vision? Focus on where you want to go, not what you fear.

Losing weight and eating healthier in 2021

For example, if you want to lose weight and live healthier, but still focus on the foods you can’t eat or anything else that you don’t allow yourself to have and do, guess what how you will be feeling? Deprived, frustrated, negative, angry. So instead of asking what would make me most full and what is the easiest food I can get and eat right now, ask yourself empowering questions that will get your excited and moving forward to your goal. Like: what would really nourish me? What will give me energy and cleanse me? If I eat this, what would I have to give up in order to achieve my goals? What is the ultimate price I have to pay if I don’t stop this indulgence now?

Empower yourself & your goals

The first step in creating a powerful and positive mindset that will help you nail your goals is to really raise your vibrations. Ask yourself where you are most happy in your life right now? What gets you excited, proud, grateful and loving? Two other good questions to ask yourself are what have you given today and what have your learned today? This will give you THE mindset to stick to your goals :). Ready to learn more on how you can achieve any goal you like with the right mindset and hold yourself accountable?

New Years Resolutions resources

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