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058: Holiday struggles with your body image, stress, diet or eating disorder

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year. But if you are struggling with your weight, diet, body or eating disorders it’s not. The stress of overindulging, being around food all the time, spending time with family that might have opinions on your food choices and body, the fear of weight gain, being uncomfortable in your own skin or experiencing loneliness is hard. How can you change your holiday struggles to be relaxing and enjoyable as possible?

Overindulging in food

Being around food all the time or being with friends who overindulge all the time, especially during the holidays is really triggering. Especially when you have been in a restrictive diet cycle or having an eating disorder. There is always food around, you want to try everything or you want to eat to make other people happy. There is a whole mindset around what we can and can’t eat and how we feel about it.

Mindset around food

What is there to eat? How much do I want to eat? What if I eat too much or to little? What if I overindulge again? What if people have the look on me? What if people make a comment on my weight and body? What we think and how we feel is something we can change and have control over. If you think these things, they will give you stress that you actually don’t really want.

Fear of overeating around the holidays

If you have an eating disorder or have been following a diet and you are afraid of eating too much, the holidays can be really challenging. Food is often in our society linked to having fun and a good time. But if you are really conscious around what you eat and you just don’t want to eat so much until you feel sick, then what can you do to make yourself feel better? My best tip is to have a plan in place that you feel comfortable with. By planning you can relax more and you are more able to follow up with what you have promised yourself. Second is to journal so that you become aware of your thoughts and feelings and triggers. Third is to be assertive and speak to the people you are celebrating with and say what your needs and wants are so that you can be comfortable with what you eat and how you look.

Tips to overcome the holiday struggles

  • Make a plan beforehand on what you want to eat and how much you want to eat
  • Choose to be with family and people that you love to be with and where you can speak your mind and be honest with how hard the holidays are for you
  • Bring your own food so you have something yummy to eat
  • Set your own boundaries and priorities
  • Be aware of your triggers and know how to change so you can refocus on what is really important to you
  • Do your mindset work and exercises to relax and lower your stress
  • Embrace to love your body and be confident with it (for more tips to love your body go here)
  • Ask yourself why you are so afraid of being lonely and why you experience holiday struggles

Holiday struggles resources

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