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056: Losing weight for health & raising your self-worth with Hailey Hechtman

What do you do when you look at a picture of yourself and really don’t like what you see? This is Haileys story and today she shares how she was losing weight for health and how this was much more than just about the weight.

Hailey Hechtman is a beautiful woman who works with people who due to mental issues find it hard to get back into the job market. She helps them see their worth and builds their confidence so that they can work in jobs that suit them, their personalities and skills. On top of that Hailey lost a huge amount of weight and has been maintaining this weight for the last 8 years. For her it was all about getting healthier and creating a better life for herself. That meant so much more than just losing the weight, but also changing her mindset so that she really knew and felt that she is worthy of who she is and matters. Get to know Hailey and learn how you can do this for yourself as well.

What you will learn listening to losing weight for health

  • How you can lose weight in a healthy way
  • How to maintain your weight without having setbacks
  • How to set boundaries for yourself and not let other people walk over you
  • How to raise your self-worth and know that you matter
  • A healthy view on body image
  • Tips on how to stay motivated and keep moving forward with your diet, exercise and achieving your goals

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